Thursday 10 November 2011

A long waiting - Samsung GALAXY Note

A long waiting - Samsung GALAXY Note

Phone? Tablet?,  Its GALAXY NOTE!

Nowadays, almost everyone having a smart devices on their hands all the time. I did saw some of smart owner using their devices while walking, talking ,eating ,driving (danger action), movie-ing and toilet-ing (peep time). Wohoo! Totally full utilize of their devices. Smart users. On my side, I still waiting my chance to catch one of the affordable smartphone in market. I know this is a bit sad case for not owing a smartphone or a tablet. I am only the one being Outdated! 
Until one day, somebody told me that this new launching gadget is better than other now. More advance and can fully utilize of this smart creation. I watched some of the interesting gadget introduce video. Is really amazing! And I found out something, they even bring back old-smartphone style (use stick as pen). Tic Tic TOK TOK.

From some rumours I heard, the official retails is around range RM1800 ~ RM2400. Hopefully, the Malaysia mobile services operator can offer some plan for free devices. I wish that for so many times including this time. But not a single time fill my requirement. Haha! Hope my wish come true this time. Dont  get disappointing me! Keke. For more details might refer to Samsung Malaysia Galaxy Note at here

Above video is about this latest Samsung Galaxy Note.  How stylish? It can be fit into any of suit's pocket due to its light and thin design. Cool!

*Updated : Latest news, it will be on market starting by tomorrow (11 Nov - 13 Nov)

At Pavilion (near Espirit), Kuala Lumpur
 - First 100 buyers will get a Galaxy Note cover with Swarovski crystals

At Aeon Tebrau (near Harris Bookstore), Johor Bharu
and Queensbay Mall (South Side), Penang
- First 50 buyers will get a Galaxy Note cover with Swarovski crystals.

Besides this, For the first 9999 customers, remember ask for your complimentary Galaxy Leather Flip Cover with your purchase at Samsung Elite Partner Stores, Celcom and Digi outlets. (while stocks last), 

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  1. a nice phone indeed!

  2. @isaac will you get another one now? launch soon!

  3. omg crazy expensive T_T
    so hard to chase the technology lol


  4. @fish the price u paid , is worth la... super slim phone this time.. ahaha

  5. Anonymous12:03 pm

    If Steve Jobs is still alive, he will be so pissed with that stylus. haha.

  6. @junwu88 Haha.. different concept different design ma..

  7. galaxy Note seems to be more interesting than galaxy S II LOL! :P

    oh well hope it is cheap! XD

  8. @kianfai hope that too.. Maybe the plan will be cheaper, RRP RM2299, out of my budget!

  9. @smallkucing get one ? ^^

  10. I don't have a smartphone too...sigh, hopefully next year!

  11. @jothi I dont have a proper one too.. Dun sign.. more coming and more choices

    @BBO U already have two in your hand (Iphone, ipad), You need no this one.. keke