Saturday 31 July 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Why Vampires Suck?

i have a lot complain on the Vampires The Movie
Synopsis A spoof of vampire-themed movies,
where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys.
As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas,
everything comes to a head at their prom

Everything on below details :
Premier Screening
Date : 24 August 2010
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC One Utama

Nuffnang contest site

What you ask for me the SUCK of the Vampires?
i can tell you everything truth

First : The Fake of the Vampires
(where come the Vampires so Handsome than me?!!)

Second : The Fake of the Food
(such a Vampires is eating vegetable with blood salad sauce)

Third : The Fake of the Movie
(is there anything appear special in movie exclude Vampires)
(no serious scary horrible scenes )

Fourth : The Fake of the Action
(u see that the kick and fight is so soft like massaging)

Fifth : The Fake of the Girl
(all girl is appear so beauty in the scenes , where is the reality)

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