Tuesday 27 July 2010

Salt @ GSC Mid Valley

Special Screening of Salt "salty" that i heard
dunno from who mouths shout d...lol

Who is salt?
Tonite i watch edy...is turn back to public viewer in time
Now Showing on 29 July 2010 at all cinemas

ANS : Angelina Jolie
Seriously from me , this movie has a bit bored.
besides agent spy , still agent spy...
betrayed spy? revenge spy?

Izit in the real life , have so much spy team?
US has a lot secret , but who want know it for nothing...
US better sold it up to them and save a lot time n money
and even human power...

but if US decide do that , I gonna has no movie on spy to watch forever...

for better comment , better u watch it on ur eyes..
i has no comment on it..
coz this movie is really out of my expected..
( to avoid any misconceive from me...lol)
blur blur d bookmarks
This time really no free seating..wohoo...

official site :www.whoissalt.com

Thx to Sony Picture , GSC Cinema and Nuffnang