Tuesday 13 July 2010

Ko Hyang @ The Garden Mall , Mid Valley

The very first dinner once back to PJ
Looking forward this shop for a long time edy
Finaly have this chance this night
From a small village tiny expenses , change into
big city huge expenses. Experiencing the OOF is not enough

Ko Hyang
Korean Country Delights 故乡味道
在The Garden Mall 低层Basement一个小角落
KimChi Bokem Bab 泡菜炒饭
Kimchi fried rice with egg

Dak Bokem 鸡肉炒菜
Stir Fried Chicken with vegetable and rice

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  1. never tried much of the food in midvalley..
    coz it's always expensive.. haha =)

  2. @ken yalor..quite expensive d..as me not much eat there too