Wednesday 7 July 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

SALT premier screening contest long waiting for it..
coming soon on 26 July 2010 , GSC Mid Valley , 9pm

hope can watch this movie

Beside that i wish to get this be another step
enhance my blogging stuff beside type and take photo
with Canon Ixus 95
HD Bloggie from Sony

Well!!!From the Mission number 2
(Tell your readers and us what will be your mission entrusted
to you by Mother Russia and how will you execute it.

As me now is the boss toward a spy working on me,
sure i would like her to help on me and even make the world change.

First , i should ask her to do a Spy on the all country Military
as me will the one who noe all the incoming planning and
new invent technology...
( I can control to avoid all country to conquer each other)

Second , ask her to do for cash money from all Sweden Famous Bank Money
to huge amount money heavy to catch out..
Nevermind , just donate all other money to people who need it..
don't be the one greedy take all as other Billionaire do..
(avoid people fighting people because of little money)

Third , ask her to get me some high technology for me
I wish to get is the faster Internet Browsing do Military department
everyday using the most faster network they have...
left me using the lousy internet browsing..
( i wan faster internet network..i can download
everythg secret from all ppl i want)

See...i be the proud to rescue the whole world from
toward collapsing..
Check this for fun

Official site :

Have a look this trailer early than other


  1. Interesting boss of the spies, doing good for the world. I like it, hope you win the premier tickets. Do keep in touch :)