Monday 19 July 2010

Malaysia's car for sale

everytime i sitting on bus, i prefer to sit beside window.
so that i could catch the view of varieties of car passing by.
and i used to envy to those who own a nice car, they could travel to
everywhere they wish to, they could travel anytime they wish to.
it sounds nice, right??

u know what, stay in a country without complete and efficient
public transport system, indeed burdensome to those don't have a
don't like to waste your time to wait for an unpunctual bus under sun?
don't like the bus keep stopping at every station
when u r rushing to destination?
don't like to be sardine inside the train's lobby which crowded with peoples?

i m not complaining ya, just stated out the facts. haha.
so i promised myself to get a nice and wonderful car when i can afford it.
i have surveyed my dream cars from some website, and i found this is a
suitable website to get myself a car.

they have varities of cars for sale with classification, not matter u want
BMW, Toyota, Honda or Perodua, they can get you one by reasonable prices.
wohoo, fast fast get yourself a new car!!

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  1. I've already left a comment for your last blog, cuz I'm desperate for looking a Perodua Aruz car, if your car's still available,please contact me