Wednesday 4 August 2010

Tekken @ GSC Tropicana City Mall

My previous blog about this :
"tekken is in cinemas"

The very "first" time encounter with
@babebaboon and @shiiteck ...haha...
They can recognize me thru my laoya

First Hand Preview Screening at GSC Tropicana City Mall
by just now..i m late for that because heavy traffic congested
around PJ around until reach Mall...
so i m too bad , get the front second row of seat,
@engtaukia ? make my eye still spinning...haiz...poor planning
"Survival is no Game"

The movie watch with fully action movie.
Storyline is totally predicted

The most scenes coming on to Tekken PS2 game
and Arcade Video Game bring into real big screen

Normal storyline but is make up the real life of fighting
till dead with the powerful spirit

JIN the best actor and fighter
Movie Ticket

*strictly not recommend on sit the first front seat
it cause u terrible headache while fast motion scene

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