Monday 12 July 2010

The Legend Is Born - Ip Man @ TGV , Bukit Tinggi

The Legend Is Born - Ip Man

Suddenly listen to 988FM Youth DJ Anthem Soundtrack
"PeiJie培杰 - Sound Best Friends 声音的朋友"

A great song for me. Listen to a breezily rhythm.
Very jolliness mood for me right now.Finally end my internship
Jump to my final year studies.

Suddenly again listen to "Secret - One Republic"

Everybody have a secret.Unspeak secret不能说的秘密
Keyboard-ing on the this post.Human is a clinging animal
all kind of stuff is control by own human brain.
Dictator person is another type of clinging animal
no choice no freedome to other person
Cant throw old concept and accept new concept
Using old method, very very soon to be wash out by other
Same like a computer with i7 processor and me still
stay on the same floor with Core2duo age epoch

The main point on this Movie , help each other to build a
defense to outsider.Protect country and home.Look down person
is not perfect way to make thing happen.A life is on cycle
rise and drop unpredictable.

A person not always be so lucky. How u treat people,
people will return to u in future.

Money can determine a personality of person, Great or Worst.
Gold can change a person mind-cept.
Oof can make a person forget one's origin.
Cash make numbly on Fame and Power


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