Wednesday 2 May 2012

Yamagoya Ramen 山小屋 @ Solaris Dutamas, KL

Yamagoya Ramen 山小屋 @ Solaris Dutamas, KL

Before construct this post, I do have a question to ask that "Do you think that which Ramen you had before is the best one?" >> Do leave your answer on the comment section for my references. Well now, I going to bring you one of the best ramen I had before. Where is it located? It was located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Yamagoya Ramen , Kyushu style ramen shop. A very family oriented design just like a neighbourhood shop in Japan. It just started their business two weeks ago. When I was there on that night, miracles happen. They actually have a full house all night long. Therefore, I starting curious about how popular on their ramen and how was the taste like being. After the whole session, I get know the answer. Their ramen soup was so so flavorful and their noodles was springy as well. I like it very much and I pretty sure all of you will like it too.
Kyushu style ramen shop. A very family oriented design just like a neighbourhood shop in Japan.

In-house Ramen making facilities.

Soya sauce, Chili oil, Sesame and ginger slices.
Black Garlic Ramen  RM22
The most special ramen that I strongly recommend. I was tempted by the fragrance of garlic, the smell was not too strong, but enough to furnish the broth with some hidden fragrance and garlic's spiciness. It was served with generous pieces of Char Siu, beansprout, wood fungus and some spring onions.
Mukashi Special Ramen  RM24
This is the signature Ramen and a must-try for first timer. It was served with bamboo shoots, wood fungus, soy sauce seasoned egg, seaweed and spring onions. As you could see from the picture, the broth is milky and creamy, and such effect will only appear when the broth is boiled for long hours! Can you imagine all the essence of good ingredients are concentrated in a bowl? The taste is heavenly good yet complicated, so do try it out yourself to find out the true flavours of it.
Spicy Tobanjan Ramen  RM22
Miso Ramen  RM24
Their Miso Ramen is also the outstanding one, with appropriate spiciness, served with bamboo shoots, beansprouts, wood fungus and char siu!
Char Siu Ramen  RM24
Char Siu ramen is special made for Japanese Char Siu lover. I fall in love with their specialty Char Siu, which is tender and well marinated. The layer of the meat is interesting, only a thin fat layer in between, so girls out there please take attention, this wouldn't cause you fat lar, don't resist yourself from having a nice char siu ramen.
Kimchi Ramen  RM22
Fried Chicken  RM11
Crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. Only chosen and lucky kampung chicken can be used to make this fried chicken. And only certain part of the chicken is used to make this fried chicken perfect. I always request the KFC staff to give me chicken thigh (luckily i never get beaten, lol), because that is the best part! In Yamagoya, I do not need to request for that, because all their fried chicken will only use chicken thigh! 
Yamagoya Soy Sauced Egg  RM4
Yellow-dish egg yolk and mouth-watering. It simply delicious than ordinary boiled egg. 
Gyoza  RM11
Pork Char Siu  RM11
(left)  Cucumber Juice  RM5.80
(right) Calpis Water  RM5.80
This was the drinks highly recommended from others. Calpis was said to be a Japanese barley drink, but for me it tasted more like a malt drink, no harm to have a try on it, it is special and nice.

At last, their ramen was freshly made at their in-house noodles machine. The ramen do not have such alkaline smell. The noodles was springy like never before.

Address : Yamagoya Ramen 山小屋
A2-G2-08, Solaris Dutamas,
 No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 10.229'  E101 39.879'

Business Hour : 10.30am - 11pm daily
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  1. I still think that pay RM20+ for a bowl of ramen is expensive but since so many good reviews about this, I would like to try also lah ;P

    1. @choiyen Confirm, value for money..

  2. I kinna miss ramen back @ Singapore, nothing much here @ KK :(

    1. @nath Ya.. even KL here, also dont have good ramen stall except this.. keke

  3. still no chance to eat this.. went there twice and both times SOLD OUT!

    1. @fooddream Serious? OMG.. lucky, i had my bowl edy.. Thinking wan go back again!

  4. Food sounds a bit pricey but if it is good then okay :)

    1. @smallkucing Serious, it worth for money!

  5. I like this ramen so much! The best I've tried in Klang Valley area so far.

    1. @fion I like that too.. Best ramen I guess!

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