Friday 25 May 2012

Bai Nien Old Hotpot 百年老火锅 @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, PJ

Bai Nien Old Hotpot 百年老火锅 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

A night after some dews from heaven, the weather was not too cold, but it was just right to have a steamboat to warm up my stomach. This steamboat restaurant located at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara looks attractive by its name. They claimed that their soup for steamboat is boiled for long hours, so the taste is exactly the same as mother's cook. "Bai Nien" means "hundred years", the owner told us that the recipe is inherited from her grandmother's grandmother, which has been passed through around hundred years. Good flavour is never been forgotten, so they decided to run a steamboat business to share the good taste with public.
The Steamboat restaurant is quite away from the landmark Sunway Giza, but good food is worth to find I bet. For your convenient, it is located just opposite the famous Chili Pan Mee.
Clean and neat set up in the restaurant. Bowls, chopsticks and spoons are well arranged on the dining tables to welcome their customers.
Pandan Cooler  冰冷班兰 RM3
Daily Herbal Tea 凉茶  RM2.50
Homemade drinks are one of their distinguishing feature. The Pandan Cooler is a very tropical drink, the drink is boiled using pandan leave, and added in mint leaves and basil seeds. I like the light flavour of the Pandan, and the mint leaves made the drink extra refreshing.

The drink behind is home-cooked chrysanthemum drink. It is nice to have a cold chrysanthemum to go along with steamboat, effectively reduce the heat!

Fried Chicken Wing 炸鸡翅膀
RM2.50 Per wing 一只
Fermented beancurd fried chicken is one of their signature snacks. Well marinated I would say. I know it looks pale, but believe me it is very crispy and flavourful, very appetizing.
Fried Lala Mee Hoon 拉拉炒米粉  RM18 / RM28
The lala fried meehun is quite good too, the main reason is the very fresh lala I bet, the meehoon which is very absorptive, fully absorbed the flavour from the sea.
Fried Dumpling 炸水饺  RM6.50 / RM13
Homemade dumpling is one of their specialties too, deep fried till crispy and the filling is quite excellent too with minced meat and chopped vegetables. Dip into the sweet sauce before eat to make it more delicious.
Hot Dog with Onion 大葱炒香肠  RM8.90
Taiwan Sausages 炸台湾香肠  RM8.90
Fried Fish Cake 炸鱼饼  RM4.50
Their special condiments--- Red chilies sauce, black chilies sauce and fried shallots to enhance the aroma of soup. The special black chilies sauce is recommended, it is very common condiment in Johore to eat with steamboat and pisang goreng, made from cili padi and black sweet sauce.
Premier Set Menu  精选套餐  RM30.50 per person
Come with a plate of pork sliced or beef sliced, noodles and egg.

Beef Sliced 牛肉切片  RM22
Pork Sliced 猪肉切片  RM18
Pork and beef slices cannot be excluded in a good steamboat. Selected high quality and fresh meat slices are used. The rich fat of meat is distributed averagely on the meat, makes the meat tasting soft and chewy.
Left side is the tom yam soup based, right side is their signature hotpot soup. Both are equally good. The tom yam is mild and not too spicy, but indeed opens up the flavours with its sourness. The signature hot pot soup suits my liking too, where I can taste the essence  and sweetness from pork bones and pork stomach. Good broth kicks a good start for a good steamboat!
I am quite satisfied with their homemade concept, the very essential point is that the ingredients used are very fresh! The only flaw is that the selection for seafood is too little, as I am a seafood lover, I will be happier if they increase the types of seafood and raw ingredients.

Address : Bai Nien Old Hotpot 百年老火锅
12A-1 (Ground Floor), PJU 5/4, 
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya
 (Opposite Chilli Pan Mee)
GPS : N03 09.123'  E101 35.699'

Business Hour : 4pm - 12am Daily
Tel : 012-299 1877

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  1. ok I'm sold and I'm so near :)) will keep this for another day coz these days it's freaking hot!

    1. @life-muses All right.. Hot weather not suitable for hot hot steamboat one.. sweat til beh tahan.. lol

  2. price sounds a bit expensive to me, especially the meat =x

    1. @ken Em.. that price could consider as cheap here.. BTW, the meat portion is so scary one.. one person couldn't finish

  3. I rather go for a buffet one lo ~ miss having steamboat!

    1. @hilda Em.. U must go have steamboat to cure ur taste bug.. lol

  4. RM 30+ / pax is quite expensive but I noticed that the portion was slightly bigger than normal, enough to be shared by 2 person?

    1. @choiyen They do actually having a promotion BUY ONE FREE ONE.. but the portion u see above was 4 person portion but sharing among 10 of us.. amazing!