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The Re-Launch of Friendster

The Re-Launch of Friendster

A story start back to my school time. On that time, almost every of my friends were having an account of Friendster. Everyday, our topic where stick around on Friendster, latest photo uploaded, who was your latest added friends, or anybody viewed (stalk) on my profile and etc. There were a lot of my old school memories with Friendster. But so how for now, the Friendster had been redesign as a social discovery and gaming platform that offering users a very unique experiences which enables social discovery, games and rewards.
What about Friendster?
Friendster is the pioneer online social network with more than 100 million registered members. Friendster is one of the best sites that allows people to create avatars, discover new world, enjoy games and meet new people. Friendster prides itself in delivering an easy-to-use, friendly and interactive environment where users can easily connect with others via Through its ownership of MOL and friendster, MOL Global is Asia's largest end-to-end content, distribution and commerce network, pairing MOL's physcial payment collection points and payment platforms with Friendster's large online footprint, social network and user community in Asia.
In line with its brand promise, Friendster shared on its advanced way of engaging and making new friends, playing new games while enjoying rewards.
Welcome speech by Ganesh Kumar Bangah, Group Chief Executive Officer, MOL Gobal

Besides launching of new portal, Friendster also launched its locally developed products Friendster Hotspots and Friendster iCafe during this media conference. Friendster Hotspots provide retail outlets with a free Wi-Fi infrastructure that is funded completely by advertising while Friendster iCafe is a free cybercafe management system integrating operations and accounts for ease of owner administration.

Friendster Hotspots is currently avaiable in popular branded food & beverage outlets such as Starbucks, Old Town While Coffee, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Wendy's, Krsipy Kreme and Papa John's. Nationwide, there are currently over 350 retails outlets using Friendster Hotspots with an average of 1.5 million unique users a month. 70% of Friendster Hotspots users are mobile users.

Friendster iCafe, cybercafe management software features a system that manages time usage of computers customers, game console, billing, security features and accounting facilities has already been used by over 400 cybercafe owners locally with over 150 million video and banner ads displayed monthly. Friendster is aiming to achieve over 1000 cybercafes with plans to expand both Friendster Hotspots and Friendster iCafe services to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and India by end of 2012.
After the Friendster video presentation, here was the Friendster Walk Through by Nikolai Galicia, Chief Operating Officer, Friendster Inc. He explained how Friendster work parallel with MOL efficiently. Friendster's game are free-to-play and for a more enhanced experience, Friendster's in-game credits - Friendster Coins can be purchased to unlock more game features. The new platform also allows Facebook users to enjoy Friendster easily via the Facebook Connect button.
Media Q&A session, both of the top management were very happy with this session. They were kindly welcome to all sort of questions throwing to them by the media. 
Further to the redesigned platform, Friendster also has a Developers Programme to encourage content developers to commercialize their game via Friendster. Friendster presently has 56 massively multi-player online and social games on the platform by MOL's payment platform. Friendster Coins guarantees zero charge-back to its developers thus eliminating risk of fraud for developers. 
Another short interview from major media/press
Group Photo
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At the end of the conferences, I got myself touched on the sign of "GAME ON" as well the sign of Friendster goes ONLINE.. Haha.. Cheer. I cannot waiting waiting to get myself a hand play on this brand new Friendster gaming portal.


The last two nights after back from the press conferences, I was tried to play Boomz3.0 at Friendster. Honestly, I get myself addicted to this game right now in moment with Friendster. The game could keep me from shooting accurately on my opponent. It’s totally killing my time; i spend most of my two day times just to train myself with accurate and precisely boom-ming skill. I believed that with my poor skills and hard trained, I definitely will defeat one of the opponents soon. Catch later! Do join me at this game too.. LOL

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