Tuesday 22 May 2012

Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Belanga Cafe is a boutique cafe known as a PotPourri of Malay Cuisine and has carved a reputation for its consistency in quality food with a myriad of home-style authentic Malay cuisine, including popular favourites such as Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Tumpang, which are ideal for social dining with business associate's and with family.
The entire atmosphere is modeled towards a typical Malaysian countryside restaurant that boasts a collection of traditional hand-made crafts and kain songket which reflects a sense of elegance and luxury.
Belanga was awarded a Gold Award for the F&B Hospitality Interior Category of the Malaysia Society of Interior Designers (MSID) Interior Design Awards 2009.
The culinary team is headed by Belanga's founder, Puan Zainab Shiyuti, a Kelantanese by origin. She believes that Belanga has the right ingredient to impart the nostalgia, diversity and the charm to bring out the best of Malay cuisine. 

Guided by her principles, the Belanga Team believes that, with proper presentation, an emphasis on food quality and taste, Belanga's cuisine is set to make an impact both local and in the international arena.
From JUNE onwards, Belanga Cafe Empire Shopping Gallery will introduce new flavours and distinct cuisine in the sumptuous menu that will leave you longing for more. The new menu is featuring on the fusion of Malay foods with western foods, which definitely secure a big surprise to YOU!

There are three recommended thirst quenchers to go along with their flavourful new zing.
Coconut Shake  RM9.90
A cooling coconut juice with fresh cream and vanilla. A very refreshing drink indeed, goes well with Malay food, which stimulate your tongue.
Avocado Shake
The buttery avocado blend with chocolate syrup, the greenish colour of the drink makes it look healthy, and it is actually really healthy and help girls to slim down their bodies.
Latte Explosion
The owner claims that this Latte Explosion is definitely not a regular latte. A bit overdose I would say? The Latte Explosion sending off a strong aroma of coffee and natural bitterness cannot even be overwhelmed by the cloud of cream on the top. It is intoxicating!
Nusantara Ice Blended  RM9.90
The only ice blended with fine selection of local coffee in Malaysia served with amazing cue balls that pop in your mouth, expelling sweet vanilla taste that compliments the coffee flavour. I like the strong coffee aroma, coffee lover must have a cup of it!
Lemongrass  RM7.90
A special concoction of refreshing lemongrass extract, Raffir leaves & squeezed lemon
Goody-Goody  RM7.90
A natural remedy of celery of celery sticks, cucumber and garlic - Good for hypertensive.
Green Apple & Pink Guave  RM8.90
Banana Chco Milk Shake  RM9.90
Java Fantasy  RM7.90
Revive your youthful looks with this jus Awet Muda.

Belanga Cafe attempts to fuse the delicious pasta with Belanga's local touch. The new fusion definitely spice up my day.
Spicy Seafood Asiana Pasta 
Linguine Asiana Pasta with chili paddy, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf with mixed seafood in creamy tom yam sauce. Asiana Pasta in rich creamy tom yam paste. The result is hard to describe with words, but a unique experience for any pasta lover.
Al-Fungi Olio Aglio Spaghetti
The charcoal grilled marinated harissa chicken is the focus of this Spaghetti, chicken breast always impress people with it hard and rough texture, this one is surprisingly good, very flavourful, soft and tender. The Olio Aglio Spaghetti is good too with a hint of spiciness. 
Homemade Beef Ball Pasta Napolitana
The Homemade Beef Ball Pasta Napolitana is immersed with fresh herbs and light spices; a bright red meal is not necessary to be spicy, the tomato sauce furnishes the spaghetti with some sweet and sour flavours. The meatball is flavourful and soft, suitable for kids I supposed.
Belanga's Signature Dulang
In the new menu, Belanga Cafe has created a mouth watering indulgence known as the sensational Belanga's Signature Dulang for the variety seeker, featuring Chicken with Limau Purut, Udang Percik, Barbeque beef tenderloin with Thai sauce, Acar awak, rice with caramelised shallots and tossed garden salad. 
Pan-seared Norwegian Fresh Salmon 
The salmon come with pineapple sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and tossed garden green salad. Mashed potato is replaced and localised by mashed sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes is always the ingredients for kuih muih and desserts, but I found it matches well with western food too, simply love the texture of the homemade mashed sweet potatoes where I can detect some chunks of sweet potatoes. 
Marinated Black Pepper Chicken
come with mango lemongrass sauce, shallot parsley rice and cucumber tomato riata
Grilled Lamb
The grilled lamb is served with Thai lemongrass sauce, meclum salad with their homemade salad dressing come with tapioca chips. Non-lamb-lover always be annoyed by the the greasiness and gamey smell of lamb, I would say this one presented by Belanga Cafe is just all right, the rib part is chosen, so it is not greasy at all, the biting texture is good for me! And don't worry about the gamey smell, it is totally avoided by the overwhelming Thai lemongrass sauce.  
Charcoal Boiled Beef Tenderloin
Its come with Chinese barbecue sauce, parsley mashed and saute garlic pak choy

Ermmm, did you ever seen Pak Choy appear in a western food? It is a quite surprising me and my friends, an oriental elements to the beef tenderloin.

Overall, I was quite impressed to have such "fine-dining-dish" in a Malay restaurant. Yeah, I didn't expect a Malay restaurant to have such good western foods with good presentation. Belanga Cafe, a Potpourri of Malay Cuisine is all set to thrill its customers this season with new flavours and zing, all under the atmosphere which is modeled towards a typical Malaysian countryside restaurant that boasts a collection of traditional hand-made crafts, and kain songket which reflects a sense of elegance and luxury. Now, the outlet in E,pire Gallery is changing its concept to cater customers who needs a place to have casual high tea or chill out with friends. The Cafe is equipped with Wifi, where you can enjoy your afternoon there with a cup of nice coffee.

AddressBelanga Cafe
UG-18, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS : N03 04.888'  E101 34.915'

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm
Tel : 03-5631 2780

Other outlet at The Gardens, SSTwo Mall and The Intermark

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  1. Like the drinks..but pricy

    1. @soosue They use fine ingredients, that's why they charge premium price.. haha

  2. heard so much about this place. Havent been there yet. There is one inKelana Jaya too ..i think

    1. @smallkucing U need try it someday.. BTW i dont think they have branch at Kelana Jaya, perhaps SS2 mall..

  3. One of my fave places. Do they still have the drink Bandrex?

    1. @missyblurkit Ya. They still have it in menu! But I didn't try it this time!

  4. wuu...mcam best pun... I like empire very much!;D

    1. @eunice My first time at empire there!

  5. OMG... i wanna try the avocado shake T_T

    1. @ken Should try it.. very strong taste!

  6. such a lovely mix of dishes there... and that Coconut shake... reminds me of Malacca!! ;)

    1. @fooddream Haha.. The coconut shake is chilling!

  7. The drinks are quite attractive~

    1. @choiyen will be even good with their food served.. lol