Monday 24 October 2011

Starbucks Coffee @ Bangsar Village II, KL

Starbucks Coffee @ Bangsar Village II, KL

Are you experience out drinking coffee with empty stomach, cause you running toilet? Are you experience out   feel hungry while hang out with friends in Starbucks Coffee? Starbucks not only provide best arabica coffee, they also provide side dishes as well. There are plenty of variety of choice, from cake to sandwich and to salad. This post will be feature some of the Favourite dishes in Starbucks.
There’s more excitement in Starbucks! With two different key beverages to choose from, Starbucks enthusiast is certainly spoilt with choices.
(Left) Black Sesame Green Tea Frappuccino  RM14.50
(Right) Extra Coffee Caramel Frappuccino  RM14.00
Personalize your Frappuccino® this summer with Black Sesame Green Tea Frappuccino®. With a twist of sesame in every sip, coffee lovers will be able to enjoy the sweet taste of zen. Be treated to an uplifting blend of sweetened matcha green tea powder and earthly black sesame blended with Starbucks® Frappuccino® Roast coffee, milk and ice. Topped with silky whipped cream and garnished with black sesame seeds.

For an extra bump with a side of decadence, Starbucks® introduces Extra Coffee Caramel Frappuccino® blended beverage. This delicious treat of caramel syrup combined with Starbucks® Frappuccino® roast coffee and whole milk, blended with ice and finished off with whipped cream and a ribbon of buttery caramel sauce. This mouthwatering blended beverage will melt your heart faster than a Frappuccino® blended beverage on a hot day. 

Club Sandwich  RM14.90
Sumptuous triple layers multigrain bread with gherkins, egg omelette, and slices of chicken breast
NOIR   RM9.50
Adding on to the dessert plate, NOIR is a thick, rich, velvety smooth dark brown of decedent chocolate mousse base wrapped around a special soft chocolate biscuit filling at the center. This perfect dessert is a gift wrapped with shinning and velvety smooth chocolate mirror coating. NOIR is simply attractive and irresistible. 

 Soft mousses and thick chocolate is the key of delicious. 
Banana L’Opera  RM8.50
Starbucks® has more to offer centering on scrumptious chocolate biscuits. Banana L’Opera, a rich, dark brown layer of imperial chocolate biscuit cake base layered with coffee base and velvety smooth coffee butter cream and finely coated with chocolate plate. A true tropical touch is accentuated with the inclusion of banana filling. Banana L’Opera is simply unforgettable.
Sheperd's Pie  (Chicken)   RM7.50
Stroganoff Pie (Beef)  RM7.90
 The filling is too generous. Its mouth-watering and you really can taste out the excellent taste of this pie.
Mushroom Melt  RM13.90 (No meat - Vegetarian type)
 To me, this is like an hamburger without meat, replacing with mushroom filling. If you are mushroom lover, you definitively love this than other.
Chicken Melt   RM13.90
 To me, this is slightly spicy for sandwich but taste not bad. 
Wait no longer, head down now to your favorite coffee outlet, as Starbucks® has a wide variety of coffee and desserts to offer. 

For additional information, please visit

Address : Starbucks Bangsar Village II Shopping Center
Lot No.2F-22 & K1,
2nd Floor, No 2, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 07.800'  E101 40.261'

Business Hours :  10am - 10pm
Tel : +603 - 22871142

Website Starbucks Malaysia

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  1. I tried before green tea frapucinno.. At first I though, "not my taste" but surprisingly I found it ok.

  2. hmmm... never a starbucks fan but the green tea frap is good :)

  3. @isaac Ya.. I love that flavour very much...

    @clever Yup.. absolutely..

  4. I like Starbucks! But all the coffee drinks with the exception maybe of the Americano are so high in calories! Cant go there too often haha!

  5. @foongpc Wow.. i also cannot drink coffee too often.. gaining fat! Bur sometime thinks of ice coffee, i will get back to here!

  6. Still, I prefer coffee chemistry cafe/signature coffees :P Peace XD

  7. @kianfai Wow.. CCC coffee art not bad..

  8. oooh oh! I've been here! and oooh, when I was there I saw a dude that looks like YOU! hehe.. it IS U! +____+

  9. @merryn WAH.. of course la.. i also saw a pretty.. IS YOU.. haha