Tuesday 18 October 2011

Gong Cha 贡茶 @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley, KL

Gong Cha 贡茶 @ The Gardens Mall

Gong Cha 贡茶 is a popular bubble tea chain that was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2006. Ever since, Gong Cha has swept into neighboring countries such as Hong Kong, China, Macau, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia by storm.

The famous Gong Cha signature milk foam or also known as "nai gai" 奶蓋. There are 3 ways to enjoy this drink.
  1. Sip the freshly brewed tea through the milk froth without a straw.
  2. Slurp some tea followed by the milk through the straw for a smooth aftertaste.
  3. Stir and enjoy a perfect blend of milky froth and aromatic tea.
How the drinks taste? Justify yourself.. Haha.. Everyone will having different taste of it. And, like other similar popular Taiwanese bubble tea chains, Gong Cha allows you to choose the level of sweetness and ice based on your own decision. I prefer 50% half sugar and regular ice.
(Left)  Lemon Juice with Ai-Yu & White Pearl  寒天爱玉 RM6.40
(Right)  Milk Tea with Pearl 珍珠奶茶 RM5.90

Address: Gong Cha 贡茶
S-238B, 2nd Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite of Ying Ker Lou restaurant)

Business Hours: Opens daily from 10am - 10pm

Branch : SS15, Subang

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  1. I still havent get to try Gong Cha T_T

  2. Me too, haven't try out. But seems like Gong Cha bubble tea much more expensive than Chatime, is it? I'm not sure about this

  3. @Hilda Wow.. must try their milkcover drinks.. nice

    @diana Em.. Gong cha different from Chatime.. they have special milkcover drinks.. it a must try drinks over there..

  4. I love the Signature Winter Melon Tea! :D

  5. @QiWen will try this next time.. wohoo

  6. u know, until now, the only place ive been for drinks such as this was ZenQ.. Havent been to snowflakes, Gong Cha, Cha time, or any other cha yet. Probably not my type.

    Thanks for sharing bro.

  7. @isaac Dont worry lar.. u are famous blogger, busy attend event.. Left no time for this type of drinks.. keke..

  8. Hey, did I hear Gong Cha?? That's my fave milk tea! I need my weekly dose of Alisha Milk Tea else I'm completely lost. Lol! Cool!

  9. @Blackswan wow.. Izit so serious addict on it? keke.. well, i have to try alisha milk tea sometime..

  10. I still prefer ChaTime. Dunno why. :)

  11. @Bangsar-bAbE because they are easy available due to lotsa of branch.. Haha..

  12. Anonymous11:16 am

    GongCha in M'sia has so limited choices. Anyway...their "Gong Cha Signature Milk Winter Melon Tea" is really good. =)

  13. @melissa Ya.. agree.. heard that HK GongCha has better choices..

  14. Anonymous2:20 pm

    yaya...my friend told me that even S'Pore one has a whole long list of choice.

  15. @melissa Oic.. Then i should have a try when board to Singapore.. Wakaka