Friday 21 October 2011

3 Day 2 Night Trip @ Langkawi Island, Kedah

3 Day 2 Night Trip @ Langkawi Island, Kedah

Langkawi comprises of 99 tropical islands, shrouded with an intriguing heritage of myths and legends, the most famous being the legend of Mahsuri. Apart from that, feuding giants, mystical lakes and magical wells are the stories that are associated with Langkawi’s places of interest. 

Beginning of this trip, i take ferry from Kuala Kedah jetty for price RM23 per trip. After two and half hours, reach at Kuah town jetty. Once touch down Langkawi, first thing to do is have a deep breath at there for few seconds. Kidding. Find an affordable car renting services, which gonna rely on that vehicle for my following days. Found a RM60 for a small car with perfect condition. Heading to Citin Hotel for check-in at 2pm. Let begin my escape journey 

Day 1
Mahsuri Tomb
The famous legend of Langkawi; the legend tells the tale of a woman accused of adultery and sentenced to death. When stabbed, she bled white blood as a sign of her innocence. Today, visitors can see read the full story at her tomb in Kampung Mawat, several kilometres away from Kuah. Nearby is also a traditional Malay house for internationals to explore.
GPS : N06 20.356'  E099 47.076'

Ticket : RM5 Adult  RM3 Child
Opening Hour : 9am - 5pm
Snake Sanctuary
Located in Kampung Tok Senik, the establishment houses a wide variety of local and international snakes. From the majestic King Cobra to the docile Boa Constrictor, the Snake Sanctuary is a fascinating place to visit.
GPS : N06 19.742'  E099 46.540'

Ticket : RM12 adult  RM6 Child
Opening Hour : 10am - 7pm
Burnt Rice Field
Padang Masirat, right next to the airport, was the site of a mass paddy-burning spree conducted by Langkawi’s inhabitants when Siamese invaded in 1821. The purpose was to prevent the enemy from attaining an extra source of food. Today, visitors can still find burnt rice grains on the ground two hundred years after the incident.
GPS :  N06 21.238'  E099 46.540'

Ticket : Free
Opening Hour : 9.30am - 5.30pm

Telaga Habour Park
 GPS : N06 22.063'  E099 41.161'

Ticket : non
Opening Hour : 24hours accessible

Oriental Village
 GPS : N06 22.197'  E099 40.269'

Ticket : non
Opening Hour : 10am - 7pm

Day 2
Mardi Agrotechnolgy Park
GPS : N06 21.638'  E099 47.608'

Ticket : RM15 Adult  RM7 Child
Opening Hour : Saturday - Thursday  8.30am - 5pm
Friday Closed
Langkawi Craft Complex
Gleaming silverware, meticulously-crafted wooden figures, delicately-crafted bamboo carvings, tapestries of intricate batik silk – the Cultural Craft Complex located in Teluk Yu has an array of traditional Malaysian handicrafts for the visitor to admire and maybe even purchase. Built to promote Malaysia’s cultural heritage, the gallery is free to enter.
GPS : N06 25.254'  E099 46.815'

Ticket : non
Opening Hour : 10am - 7pm
Black Sand Beach
GPS : N06 25.607'  E099 47.709'

Ticket : non
Opening Hour : 24 hours accessible

Perdana Gallery
GPS : N06 24.169'  E099 51.239'

Ticket : RM10 Adult  RM4 Child
Business Hour : 8.30am - 5.30pm
Underwater World
The Underwater World Langkawi is an innovative marine aquarium which houses 5,000 types of aquatic life and some mammal and reptile species. A trip here will definitely enlighten you on the beauty of Malaysia’s flora and fauna both on land and sea. There is also a 3-D theater which showcases documentaries on marine life for visitors.
GPS : N06 17.261'  E099 43.736'

Ticket : RM38/28 Adult  RM28/18 Child
Opening Hour : 09:30 – 18:30 Monday – Thursday;
09:30 – 22:30 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

Laman Padi (Rice Garden)
Rice, rice and rice – This is the bread of Asians, a necessary ingredient to every meal. The Rice Garden is dedicated to the humble grain, imparting knowledge of its history from the museum, demonstrating its cultivation in the farm and finally tasting its goodness in the restaurant
GPS : N06 17.852'  E099 43.363'

Ticket : Non
Opening Hour : 10am - 6pm Daily

Cenang Beach

Day 3

Legend Park
This is a scenic park with beautifully landscaped gardens. The 50-acre park has 17 monuments depicting various folklore personalities inspired by local legend and history. There are also four artificial lakes and a man-made beach. Located near the Kuah Jetty Point and Eagle Square, entrance is free.
GPS : N06 18.537'  E099 51.269'

Ticket : non
Opening Hour : 8am - 7pm
Eagle Square

Visitors arriving at the Kuah Jetty will notice a giant red eagle statue permanently suspended in mid-flight. That marks the location of the Kuah Jetty Eagle Square; a mini park filled with scenic ponds, bridges, covered terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of bricks. The square is a great place to take a stroll with friends and family as the sea breeze gently caresses your face.

GPS : N06 18.531'  E099 51.085'
Open Hour : All day long

For more photo on my trip to Langkawi, can visit here

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  1. Oh my, the last time I went to Langkawi was when I was in Standard 3 huhuhuhu

  2. @Azham Re-visit there again.. Totally different feel.. Coz i have the same feeling as u

  3. Omgh...changed a lot. Havent been there for 20 yrs

  4. @smallkucing Wah.. You really long time din went over there.. THere is much change.. Some new, some remain, some not-in-use anymore..

  5. went there recently too!, the trip is fun if with our loved ones or friends. :) and did you buy lots of liquor or chocolate? XD

  6. @isaac Wow.. Nice rite! chocolate, ya alot.. But liquor cannot lar.. 1 liters limited per person only..

  7. I have yet to visit the Langkawi but always wish to go there. Sigh, wish I could have time for a short vacay now! xD

  8. @caroline Haha.. I do have short vacay now.. keke.. Relax relax..

  9. Awesome review! Honestly, it's so near but I've yet to visit Langkawi. Lol! Gosh, this post makes me wanna book a tix & fly there right away :)

  10. @blackswan must go since is so near from you.. You're from Alor Setar rite? U have this good opportunity to share your hometown area.. keke

  11. @blackswan Ya.. You must visit there once.. You're from Alor Star rite? You have this good opportunity to share our your hometown place.. Glad