Thursday 6 October 2011

Hometown Hainan Coffee @ Megan Salak Park , Taman Desa Petaling, KL

   Hometown Hainan Coffee @ Megan Salak Park (S.Park)

Last few week, i went there for my car wash/polishing at S.Park. So, while waiting for my car done. I have my lunch over here. This is my first time step in at Megan Salak Park and i not familiar with this area. So, i just visit either one cafe over here. I look on this coffee shop because i did not try it before.

This is a Hainan Coffee Shop which have nice services and food. For my opinion, i think this coffee shop/kopitiam done their job very well in food menu and ambience.

Green Tea (Refillable)  RM4.90

My first time see coffee shop has this green tea with refillable other than Japanese restaurant. But the price is expensive than typical japanese restaurant.
Hainan Chicken Rice   RM8.80
This Hainan chicken rice is delicious. This meal come in a set (seaweed soup, chicken and rice).

Steamed Ordinary Chicken
This chicken taste good.
Nasi Lemak + Fried Chicken Drumstick + Fried Egg  RM9.90
I do like their chicken drumstick because they use new cooking oil to fried each day. Normally, went for Mamak Stall or Warung. You will see that darker apperance of the chicken which their reuse the overnight oil to fried it.

 Address : Hometown Hainan Coffee
No 7-LG-1, Block A, Megan Salak Park,
Jalan 2/125E, Taman Desa Petaling, 
57100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 04.899'  E101 42.096'
Direction : To get there from KL, you'll have to enter Seremban Highway, exit at Desa Petaling and turn left at the traffic light. Turn left after the gas station(on your left) and go straight till the last junction and turn right. Alternatively, if you are near MEI's Furniture located at Desa Petaling which is along the Seremban highway  
 Tel/Fax : 03-90576637

 Website : HOMETOWN Hainan Coffee

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  1. Wow! Refillable green tea in a coffee shop? Not bad! And I like they use new cooking oil everyday and not overnight oil : )

  2. That Nasi Lemak sure looks delicious.

  3. @foongpc Haha.. ya.. New oil is better for health

    @cutubun Hehe.. No choice.. I also hungry right noe.

  4. Ohhhh I always get hungry when I visit this site.

  5. @jfook dont say like that.. hehe

  6. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Food looks decently good. We shall give it a try!

  7. @wyyv Wow.. You should try this..