Thursday 20 January 2011

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall , PJ

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

This was my first time step in Sushi Tei japanese franchise restaurant. 
Wonder out, this time my great time to taste all food in one times.
(CNY promotion item) Dynamic Roll     RM14.80
 served with shrimp, chili mayonnaise, cucumber, ebbiko

Slightly spicy but is acceptable. Taste great.
(CNY promotion item) Kani to Salmon & Avocado Roll     RM19.80
 served with koari kani, fresh salmon, avocado

Salmon is fresh together with koari kani. Pefect matching
(CNY promotion item) Maguro Hohoniku Teriyaki Steak     RM28.80
 grilled tuna cheek with teriyaki sauce.

Tuna cheek grilled like chicken meat. Is not slush on served
(CNY promotion item) Gobo Kizami Age     RM4.80
deep fried burdock root

My first time to eat "white rice" origin from deep fried burdock root. 
Promotion end on 31 March 2011, starting from today.
Edamame     RM4.80
Japanese green bean

must order green bean before put sushi in mouths. To make your mouths into fresh condition.
Asama ( 3 kind)     RM23.80
 served with Maguro , Hamachi , Salmon

Fresh salmon, amachi , maguro.
Chuka Idako     RM6.80
 Baby octopus

i like this much with its well cooked sauce. baby octopus juicy too
Crunky Tuna     RM18
 Deep fried minced tuna roll with chopped garlic topped with flying fish roe and spring onion
accompanied with chili mayonnaise

Crispy and crunky on every bite of this. Awesome.
Take a look on secret sauce of Sushi Tei. Its taste like sweet sour sauce.
 dip some on crunky tuna, freshly make its taste.
Hodaka     RM28.80
served tuna, salmon, squid, octopus, boiled scallop, eel, sweet shrimp

typical must-order list on Japanese Sushi restaurant. All ingredient over potion put on top on sushi.
Homemade Meat Gyoca     RM9.80
 Homemade chicken dumpling

Dumpling skin is thin, bite on this just like to bite on chicken. Is directly contact with its.
Kani Avocada Salad     RM14.80
 served with crap meat, avocado, fresh vegetables.

All about the special dressing. Its make the different feel while eating it.
Nameko Ramen     RM15.80
soup noodles with mushroom

i like this small mushroom very much, its lastic-ing my mouths. Not to mention that full portion of giant bowl.
 Exterior of this is crispy and inner part was soft. While bite, there are blast happen within
Tempura Moriawase     RM13.80
 tempura assortment
Teriyaki Chicken     RM12.80
 Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki sauce
Volcano Roll     RM6.80
 served unagi + cucumber with cream cheese

seldom eat unagi with cream cheese. This my first time eat. surprising is not oily.
Volcano Roll close up look
 let bring you a closer look on this.
Wakamed Salad with sesame dressing     RM11.80
served with seaweed and fresh vegetables

Chocolate Wafer     RM7.50
 Soft smooth ice cream
Goma Ice Cream     RM7
sesame sorbet ice-cream. Icy cool
Pino     RM8
Each Pino is just a little mouth sized portion of flavoured ice cream dipped in chocolate.
Yuzu Ice Cream     RM7.00
 Milky taste, but is smooth. I like.
Shio Ice Cream     RM8.00
 Taste mango sorbet.
New year promotion on Yu Sang
Signature Japanese Yu Sang
served with salmon + fresh Japanese ingredient
RM23.80+ (half portion)
RM39.80+ (full Portion)

Premium Japanese Yu Sang
served with salmon + scallop + yellow tah + fresh Japanese ingredient
RM38.80+ (half portion)
RM68.80+ (full portion)

Location : Lot G-16 Ground Floor, 
Tropicana City Mal
 Tel: 03-7728 9299

Mid Valley City, The Garden LG210, 
Tel: 03-22827635

Pavilion Lot 1.18.011

 Bussiness hours : 11:00am - 10:00pm ( Last Call 9.30pm) 
 Website :

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