Thursday 27 January 2011

Mr Mrs Incredible @ GSC Mid Valley

神奇侠侣 Mr Mrs Incredible

Date : 26 Jan 2011 (Wed)
Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley
There are so proud to have first seen this annual New Year film.  
Although, in a few days will be up on major theaters nationalwide.

Thanks to GSC Movie or this preview screening ticket

Synopsis: From the producer of Bodyguards and Assassins and the director who brought you CJ7, comes an action comedy of superhero proportion. This larger-than-life action comedy tells about a retired superhero couple Huan aka the Gazer Warrior (Louis Koo) and Red aka the Aroma Woman (Sandra Ng). One day, a martial arts tournament is being held at their village and a murder case happened. To their surprise, Huan & Red was framed entangled in the murder conspiracy. When they gradually find out the true identity of the mastermind, Huan and Red decide to don their costumes in the name of justice once and for all.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas)

Personally, i am think that this movie quite interesting and funny. In this movie, there are a lot of famous classic comedy dialog appear. Confirm will made audience laugh till fly high.

Sandra Ng and Louis Koo is still the same sense of humor. But some a bit exaggerated.

Superman : No more telephone booth.. go mobile

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