Sunday 30 January 2011

Fried Cake @ Taman Mewah Night Market , Kulai , Johor

Fried Cake , Taman Mewah Night Market , Kulai.

Friday night only..
They busy fried those cube cake, customer all around and there is limited time serve only.
RM2/ Packet + Egg
Fried Cube Cake
Yum Yum. This is wet style . Its totally different taste from dry fried style.
also available at taman khet loong pasar pagi on saturday morning, and must remember ya, early bird catch the worm!

Taman Mewah Night Market
GPS : N01 40.119' E103 36.156'

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  1. Anonymous9:33 pm

    This chai tou kueh looks tasty.
    Are you from Kulai?

  2. @turbine yup.. its delicious and limited for sell. so must try at early as possible

  3. wow! such an unusual 'cake'! heheheheh..

  4. @dewi erm, this type of Chinese type fried cake

  5. On Saturday they sometime open they stall at Taman Senai Baru Night Market

  6. @alley Thanks for info..