Thursday 27 January 2011

Happy Land Ice Kacang @ Taman Kota Kulai , Kulai , Johor

Happy Land Ice Kacang 欢乐园红豆冰

This Ice kacang shop is among the famous stall in Kulai. This shop is full of people especially on Sunday.
There are various flavors of ice kacang listed on board such as original, chocolate, cendol, ice-cream, fruits…

Ice Jelly 罗果雪盘
Ice Kacang Chocolate 巧克力雪盘
Ice Kacang Strawberry 草莓雪盘
Mayonise "You Tiao"

Address : Happy Land Ice Kacang 欢乐园红豆冰
Taman Kota Kulai , 81020, 
Kulai, Johor.
GPS : N01 40.095' E103 34.773'

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  1. The Ice Jelly and mayonaise you tiao look so nice!

  2. @hilda yup..look great..taste great..

  3. Wow! Mayonaise you tiao? That's new to me!

    Ice kacang chocolate? Is that nice?

  4. @foong yup.. tat is new for me too..tat y post up here.. erm, tat ice kacang chocolate is wonderful

  5. my favourite place to go at Kulai! can't wait for CNY :)

  6. @luhnix your hometown there? haha.. nice place to hang out with friends