Sunday 16 January 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp @ D'House , Shah Alam

Time: 8.30 am, Saturday - 8.30 pm, Sunday
Time was early in the morning at D'House , Subang Jaya

I reach there at 9am sharp. Hurry up, i am just an early batch to reach. Many of other are still on the way from Kelana Jaya LRT station. Wonder out what whole day going on with DiGi Internet Done Right?

Hey, just an update for the DiGi Camp. I was attend this camp while many 
of other people attending Nom Nom Race. But surely, this was amazing experience stay
closer with Nuffnang community and keep motivate.
Many of other may not know what exactly happen in this camp.
Let me show off to you all.

Basically, many definite the word "camp", must be the one staying in the camp tent and
mosquitoes flying around. Might found wild animal running beside your campsite in the jungle.
But this one is totally out of definition.what you can see is eat good, stay good, play good.
What you can think is Extraordinary?
 Awesome experience.

Check in and register myself

Here is me
Now, went to the opening ceremony  Introducing session.
@malakaboy (Mr P)
Next on

 @friedbeef  explain how smart android phone , windows 7 phone gadget.
Android - lastest invent google goggles [ a step to user friendly gadget]
Windows 7 - reversely procedure from iPhone. [ grab info from crowd ]
(which means it auto synchronize everything into one)

DiGi Smart Plan
@sulinlau explain on Mr Wu - Shanghai Expo
How can he success than other without proper teacher?
Now, we have million+million teachers (internet) , why not we make a change to this world
by connecting to internet and learn to other.

Proceed to a motivate seminar
U2 Kumar is the Chief Master Training
Chief Learning Officer of the Art of Learning & Leadership.
He was telling us many of the minor mistake in our life.
Team Power
Team Support
Team Work
Team Think
Positive Energy

After this, D-Tour was begun. Nice to visit awesome Office life

 Courtyard with RM16000 table chair
 Midggard Meeting Room
Coffee Maker
 Ramli Meeting room
 Make friends thru Mirror

 Donuts Meeting Corner

 Waterfall landscaping
 Reload Corner

 Multipurpose Hall - Sport, Event
 DiGi Call Center is working 24hours

Back to the speech again, motivating myself
Passion : I Support You
I Know I can Be Better
Extraordinary Pattern
I'm Mentally Tough
Big Heart

After this , Mini Treasure Hunt.
This is the only one photo i take during treasure hunt.
Time is less , no more photo.

Forgot to tell that, there was a Buzz zone provided. Let this Done Right Camp up to the air.
Facebook , twitter , #donerightcamp
In short while minutes, Dinner time.
Actually, this is my ending of today. I will continue Day 2 on tomorrow.
My Group "Supercilious" , I will Support You . See you all tomorrow.
Carlton Holiday Hotel
Address : No 1 , Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam , Selangor.
GPS : N03 04.401' E101 32.284'
Location : nearby Tesco Shah Alam ( Not tesco extra)
This is @engtaukia @Kitx101 room. Quite messy right.
Buffet Breakfast
Actually, there is another breakfast prepared at the D'House. Time to nom breakfast again.. haha
Back on workshop for today.
 Reward for initiative blogging about day 1 , Warm call to person, etc..
revise what learn from yesterday workshop.
and to start another new topic. After this, will be the lunch time.
Workshop, the topic of " The mental Warrior" which i like it very much.
I know that is very tough to control emoticon. I am trying my best to do this by learning from here.
Quite useful.
I like this kind of 5 star word. WORD HAVE POWER
Tea time
After this, is the last part of Skit ( Sketsa ). every group would come out
The topic : "The Good and Bad of Internet"
Random Skit Shot
Is badly, there are no winner team in skit. My team had no won anything.
My team score the Highest Bytes, no reward.That's should be my fault of leaving them too early.
Rabiatul and Rayyan won HTC Aria. Congrat to you guys.
Top support to teammate , Top Post.

Finally, we all are graduated fron DiGi Done Right Camp

Final, do the last cheer with Kumar. The camp bring a lot new thing to me. That is great some more to me.

The end of event. See You all in the next DiGi Angel Event.

Venue:  D'House
Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1,
Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Shah Alam
 GPS : N03 04.085' E101 34.190'
Awesome supper bloggers, we make this happening.

Super Timothy Teoh~!
Super Engtaukia~!
Super Nick from Rosevelt band~!
Super Mimi Pie aka Michelle Wong~!
Super Dustyhawk aka Serge~!
Super Jacqkie from Churp Churp~!
Super Najmi aka Myrmia Melodiea~!
Super Azham Vosovic~!
Super Zach aka Zizi Mobi~!

Credit this to Super Withelwyn

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  1. It seem like a fun event, too bad I missed it ):

  2. @hilda ya..see u next time.. count your head..

  3. @rayyan congrat.. won a phone, can on9 everywhere everytime with DiGi

  4. Can't believe u remember all the activities. Btw, b4 the event, I do read ur blog :D

  5. @aly89 sure.. i jot down every single activity.. haha.. why b4 event read my blog? haha

  6. listen the word: "wow~"

  7. @zich thanks for the word..Wow to you too..

  8. Just stumbled on your blog bcoz I'm doing reviews on food too. So, in the event, u're the 1st person I recognized, haha..

  9. @aly89 seriously ar? i tot nobody recognized me in this Camp.. ok.. Thanks for reading my blog..

  10. Yup, but I didn't approach u...sorry for that :)

  11. @aly89 well, if got chance see next time... happy blogging

  12. Sure, you too. I support you! :D

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