Friday 21 January 2011

2 Days 1 Night @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang

My holiday at Cameron Highlands for 2 days 1 night trip with my family.
Christmas at here
All this just photo shot, many of words can represent by single photo.
Passion Fruit
Berry & Grape
Grape Plantation

UmmPH Tea Shop ( BOH )

Where do i stay at here?

Lim Villa located at Habu, just after Ringlet Town from Tapah.

GPS : N04 26.563' E101 23.213'
Altitude : 1100m  Temp : 24C ( Day ) 18C (Night)

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  1. it takes me less than 2 hours to go to CH since im studying in UTP.. hehe.. nice place, sometimes if i thought on having dinner at cold place, then we straight go to CH!. because it is near.

  2. So many strawberries and chickens! :D

  3. @zoe WAH... seem convenient to u.. have steamboat up there.. very nice if prepare our own food..

  4. @hilda Wohoo.. nice strawberry..

  5. cameron highland.. i used to go up for 1 day trip.. rarely stay there.. nice weather, but now i dont know how it is :)

  6. @ken erm, 1 day trip is tough for me.. so take a rest at the top of CH is nice for me to enjoy cold weather. Now there, the weather more cold and usually rainning

  7. Wahhh.. Fresh food! Fresh Air! Fresh view!
    Everything is fresh! XD
    Wanna go there again!!

  8. @dewi HAHA.. nice place to run out of city life..