Sunday 15 August 2010

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant @ The Curve

Yesterday , come across The Curve to buy
some grocery and windows shopping..

OMG..Saturday...No plastic bag Day...
luckily i always prepare recycle bag in my car boot.. need pay RM0.20 for single plastic bag pun..

In the end , my thing can fill up to three recycle bags..
Really a lot and spend-full-ness yesterday

Walk and walk...step in Hong Kong Kim Gary restaurant
(just found out , i din record it any in my post)

Two sets of food begin...
Dessert 甜品
(Soya Paste with Red Beans topping)
Cream Soup 奶油汤

Milo and Chinese Tea
美禄 + 中国茶
(bored with other drinks other...keke)
Jam And Peanut Butter Thick Toast

Pork Chop Hot & Spicy Noodles
Kim Chi
Pork Chop Baked Rice With Cheese


#Done today, eat till full full...

Official site

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