Monday 16 August 2010

Flame City Steamboat @ Bandar Puteri , Puchong

Flame City Buffet Steamboat

One of the best steamboat of China Style Steamboat
at Puchong ( "City of Steamboat" or "City Of Food")

There are two similar shop name, must
point below picture to recognize it
Search from internet, this shop is operated by China Boss
and this can explain why there are a lot of
China Slang Speakers have steamboat here...

Beside buffet steamboat , here also have
a'la carte food such like dumpling , mix meat rice , soup etc
Variety of Soup Base

Normal Soup Base : Include in price
Special Soup Base : Add RM8
Special Order Soup Base : Add RM28 ( Early reservation Needed)
Chicken Soup Base and Herb Soup Base
美味鲜鸡汤 + 滋补药膳汤

suppose to be one Tom Yam and One Chicken Soup base,
how come?
not local style with just have chili and tomato sauce...
but here have variety of chili sauce or Mix Sauces if u like it

I like it Preserved Beancurd 腐乳 sauce, is best
eat with mushroom...Nice A Try
VegetablesA lot of ingredients
A lot of ingredients

Steamboat Ingredient and Seafood
火锅料 和 海鲜

#The Crabs is the most strive , always finish in seconds
Fresh Meat

#Pork Meat is another Strive food ...Catch it before run finish..

This shop consider customer generate a lot of heat after have
steamboat , its provide the beverage of Plum Juice , Lou Han Guo
with refillable...Cool...
Michael Buddyline Group Photo

Conclusion : Services here very good and food is fresh.
worth for the price i pay...very nice..

Recommended from nikelkhor

Address:No. 43, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
   Dataran Puteri,
   Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong,
Contact Number:03-80635255
Business Time:10.30am to 11.00pm (Daily)


  1. Looks good and pretty cheap too :)

  2. @chris very nice , and cheaper among the expensive..keke

  3. i want hot pot!! it's still chilly here in south of brazil @.@

  4. @fufu hot n spicy..

  5. Fantastic place to have steamboat! Will definately try this place out !!

    Thx Nike .

  6. @diasylee Nikel (Nik) well, there place offer awesome steamboat..