Thursday 5 August 2010

Taiwan Street @ Tropicana City Mall

This second visit, the last time should be six months ago.
At that time no camera, keep pile of rotten rotten photos.

But now is a great lot with my camera.

Last night,head here to watch Tekken premiere screening movie
and find a food to fill my totally empty stomach because lunch only
with vegetable dish..

Supposed to go between the '冰点', but their service is limited.

No people serve me as me stand there for long time,
an aunty just walk in they serve her immediately..

My money stinky?

Then no choice , i change to this restaurant for getting best food

Red Pearl Milk Tea

Peach Red Tea

Salted Chicken Shop Rice

Braised Beef Rice

Here the password on Free Internet access,
alike telephone numbers

TEL :0377258615
Receipt :RM36.85

official site:

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