Tuesday 27 March 2012

Wok Dish Way 步滋道小厨 @ Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Wok Dish Way 步滋道小厨@ Kota Damansara

Being tired and annoyed by heavy meaty meal, we were looking for lighter and healthier foods during the weekend. It reminds me of one traditional Hakka dish which full with vegetables-- Lei Cha. I was recommended to look out this Wok Dish Way which is famous with their Lei Cha from Johor.

Located at Kota Damansara, Wok Dish Way served a wide variety of tasty Chinese home cooked food, with Lei Cha (擂茶) as their signature dish. Having a traditional recipe passed down by the family generations in hand, you can surely get an authentic bowl of Lei Cha here. Their shop, named "BuZiDao" in Chinese, seems to have the homophonic of bu zhi dao (不知道/ don't know), making the shop much easier to be remembered. So next time when your friends ask what would you like to have for meal and you answer " Bu Zi Dao", then he/she will know where to bring you go -- that's BuZiDao (步滋道) or Wok Dish Way! =)

 The Restaurant is clean and neat. The signboard on the wall is came from the owner and his friends' hands.
Ice Blended LeiCha  RM7.90
 I bet this is the 1st Ice blended Lei Cha in Malaysia? I never thought of the soup can also be served as a drink. I dare myself to have a try on it and surprisingly, the drink is just alright, with the aroma of basil, mint and peanuts. 
Special Drink  RM3.50
 Cincau+ Lemon+Longan+ pineapple
Special Drink with Blackcurrant  RM3.50
 Ribena+ Cincau+ Lemon+ Longan+ pineapple
Cincau Soy Bean  RM3.50
Ice Blended Red Bean  RM6.90 
Ice Blended Cucumber Lemon  RM6.90
Ice Blended Peanut Milk  RM6.90
The traditional grindstone which is used for grinding the ingredients of Lei Cha.There are three types of rice for customers to choose from, namely brown rice, white rice and fried rice.
LeiCha (Brown Rice)  RM8.90
Pleasant by the whole bowl of vegetables, I even been told by the owner that the vegetables they served is cooked by way of steaming, instead of stir frying. Thus, it is totally oil-free and very healthy to consume.
LeiCha (White Rice)  RM7.90
I have tried many Lei Cha in Kuala Lumpur and PJ area, I found this to be the best and closest to the Johor flavour. Distinguished from the KL style Lei Cha which is a bit bitter, this one is extremely good and refreshing  with the aroma of basil and mints.  
LeiCha Fried Rice  RM9.40
The Lei Cha fried rice is generated from the creativity of the chef. The rice is fried with the Lei Cha paste and eggs, which is more fragrant. 
In case you still haven't knew how to eat a bowl of Lei Cha, this is the way to mix up all the vegetables, fried beancurd, dried radish and peanut. The traditional and correct way is to pour in some of the Lei Cha soup to eat together. But if you are a freshie to Lei Cha and cannot adapt yourself to the smell of the tea, you can eat it separately. 
Special Pork Trotter in Vinegar  (RM11~RM30)
Hakka version of pork trotter in vinegar, which is less sour.The meat they used is not too fat and oily, suitable for all people.
Deep Fried Pork with Red Beancurd (RM8 ~ RM15)
Crispy and nice to have it as snack, it will be better if they provide beer to go along? On the consideration that the fried thingy would be oily, the chef put on sides the tomatoes and cucumbers to balance up the nutrition. 
Mee Hun Kuey  RM6.90
The Johor styled pan mee, different from the middle and northern Malaysia pan mee, this mee hun kuey is totally and absolutely handmade, from rub the flour to tear it into pieces, all by hands. The mee hun kuey is much thicker than the machine-made one, and therefore it is more chewy and springy. By bringing in the taste and style from Johor, they are using "pucuk manis" instead of choy sum in the mee hun kuey. The soup is good and flavourful too after few hours boiled with beans and ikan bilis. If you want to have a bowl of authentic Johor mee hun kuey in Kuala Lumpur, this is the place where you can find it!
Crispy Fried Chicken  RM15
The chicken wings are well-marinated which give a hint of lemongrass aroma. I bet this dish also goes well with a cool beer.
Crispy Seaweed  RM7.90
 Crispy deep-fried vegetable served with chicken floss.
Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Talapia  RM15~RM35
Talapia is new item in the menu. Apart from deep-fried, there are few cooking methods that the customers may choose from, such as steam with sauces. 
Jiang Bao Dish  RM10
"jiang bao" means quick stir fried with sauce in Chinese. The cili padi is putted to add some moderate spiciness to the dish. It is best to go with a bowl of rice!
Special Cucumber  RM4 
Cendol  RM6.90
A huge portion of cendol for two! The owner claimed that the gula melaka is made by them themselves and different from the one in market. How different? taste it then you will know it!

AddressWok Dish Way 步滋道小厨
2A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS : N03 09' 092"   E101 35' 571"
(Same row with My Honeymoon Dessert)

Tel: 03-61507496 / 012-7657580
Business Hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm 
(Off at Alternate Sunday)

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  1. mmm...cendol looks good though am not game enough to try the Lei Cha

    1. @smallkucing Should try the lei cha, suitable for 1st time eater..

  2. Replies
    1. @Meitzeu All green means healthy.. should eat more leicha.. keke

  3. i like leicha...!!

    1. @Joli3 If you like, i guess u will like the leicha drinks.. very unique drinks!

  4. Got your email. Not sure what menu you're talking about 'cause I think we have the price for everything we tried right?

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    1. @tony Ya.. just in case you missout something..hehe

  5. i think i must try the Johor one before evaluating those around KL :P

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    1. @fish Ya.. Johore one is the best i taste before!

  6. yummy. i love lei cha! the soup picture you took looks gorgeous.

    1. @missyblurkit Haha.. southern version of Leicha where u from.. I love that too..

  7. I'm used to the use of pucuk manis in mee hun kuey. Got quite a 'culture shock' when I tried the mee hun kuey in KL where they normally use choy sam. lol! Miss my mum's Lei Cha now...

  8. I am a fan of lei cha and organic food. However, we have to be careful when consuming these "so called" healthy food. This is because the cook usually enhance the flavour with lots of salt or some kind of flavour enhancer. You will feel very thirsty after eating these food and it's not good for our body.