Monday 12 March 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 亞洲音樂節 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 亞洲音樂節 2012

Tiger Beer is back again and proudly presents the BIGGEST Asian Music Festival 2012 which is ready to blast off right here in Malaysia! Asian music lovers will soon be thrilled by an explosive line-up of non-stop electrifying performances by Asia’s hottest superstars like the high-prolific rap group MC HotDog from Taiwan and the revolutionary Hong Kong band – Beyond who will be on stage to rock the house together with ManHand, A Lin, A Yue, and Jam Hsiao!

These artistes will perform LIVE at Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012. Click an artiste's picture to get to know him/her and a preview of what you can expect at the festival.
Beyond (Hong Kong)
Formed in 1983, legendary rock band Beyond is the most successful and influential group to ever come out of Hong Kong, with both Chinese and non-Chinese fans across Asia. Though Beyond disbanded in 2005, its members continued to be consummate entertainers, playing the roles of composers, songwriters, musicians and actors - performing as solo artistes or forming their own bands. At Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012, two of these music industry greats - Wong Ka-Keung and Paul Wong - will be dazzling the audience with their showmanship and prodigious musical talent. Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch them live once again!
Chang Chen Yue (Taiwan)
Rock singer Chang Chen Yue first became popular thanks to his 1998 hit song 'Ai Wo Bie Zou'. But he's not just a singer: this multi-talented Taiwanese entertainer is also a songwriter, guitarist, dance DJ and actor. The Tiger Asian Music Festival will reunite him with rapper MC Hotdog, with whom he has previously collaborated on two hip-hop singles.
A-Lin (Taiwan)
A-Lin has achieved rapid commercial success across the Mandarin-speaking world since her debut in 2006. Her natural talent has led some to call her the next A-Mei. Like A-Lin, A-Mei is a Taiwanese aborigine of Amis descent, and arguably the most popular singer from Taiwan. A-Lin herself has admitted that A-Mei has greatly influenced her and frequently covers A-Mei's songs when she performs.
ManHand (Malaysia)
ManHand's members (MC Bee, Von, Daeren, MC Toy and DJ Point) all have their own distinct characters. This has had a significant influence on their self-produced debut album, ManHanD, giving its music a uniqueness that stands out from other hip-hop/rap albums. Their one-of-a-kind sound and artistry has been recognised at the 2008 PWH Music Awards, where they won Best Group, Best Song and Best Album Design accolades. Since then, they have continued to shine, clinching the Best Chinese Singers of Malaysia Award at the GCMA Music Awards and having a string of hits on both local and international music charts.
Jam Hsiao (Taiwan)
Jam Hsiao joined the One Million Star talent contest in 2007, but the show's producers, recognising his enormous talent, instead asked him to appear as a fearsome challenger who eliminates contestants in head-to-head sing-offs (PK Challenges). Jam's showmanship helped the show's ratings skyrocket, and won him legions of fans, including Taiwan's Queen of Pop A-Mei who invited him to perform a duet with her on a song in her 2007 album.
MC Hotdog (Taiwan)
This Taiwanese rapper has drawn controversy because of his frequent use of explicit lyrics. But his fans appreciate his music, which they feel presents a gritty, realistic picture of life. He has produced numerous hits, won several awards and sold hundreds of thousands of CDs. His 2006 album Wake Up was both critically acclaimed and a commercial success, appealing to a wide range of audiences.
LMF (Hong Kong)
The members of rap group LMF all grew up in poverty, and this is reflected in their music: an angry, edgy, vehement tirade about economic oppression and social alienation faced by Hong Kong's lower class. While their use of expletives has drawn criticism, there is no denying their talent, originality, popularity and most importantly, their role in bringing the pressing issues faced by the poor people of Hong Kong to the forefront of social consciousness. 

Tiger Asian Music Festival 亞洲音樂節 2012

Date: Saturday 14 April 2012
Time: 6.30pm onwards
Venue: Sunway Lagoon
*Exclusive festival invites will be given out on radio, newspapers, magazines, Tiger Beer outlets and online at

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    1. @taufulou Sure.. U can get free tix on that!

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  3. How to get invites for this event??? I would love to go!!!!!

    1. @xing Exclusive festival invites will be given out on radio, newspapers, magazines, Tiger Beer outlets and online at, if u wish to do so..