Tuesday 20 March 2012

Hi-Tea Buffet at Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel, PJ

Hi-Tea Buffet at Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel, PJ

I am here again for my second time. Do read my previous post on my Christmas buffet dinner at here. Last week while I was having my nap and dreaming for delicious food, I received a call from somebody which realize my dream and ask me whether free for a Hi-Tea buffet or not. Thanks to her. Without any consideration, I immediately said yes for her invite. Thus this will be my first time having a Hi-Tea buffet. Usually, I just went for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Supper buffet only. The timing is good for me to try something new.

My perception on Hi-Tea buffet is only limited to cake, snacks, light meal or dessert. But I found out I am at the wrong way. Beside the dishes, they do have proper meal too. Is more like to Lunch + Hi-Tea buffet. I grab my lunch here as well. 
Bubble Milk Tea and Ice Blended Coffee
Something special on my glass is an Apple Flavour Bubble Tea. A very special flavor. 

Assorted Cheese
Deep Fried Chicken
Roasted Chicken with BBQ sauce
Roasted Whole Lamb
Under the care of the hotel’s new Executive Chef Israel Lazaroo who came on board the hotel three months ago, the weekend hi-tea at Cinnamon has now more varieties and more live-cooking stations which give an opportunity for the chefs to interact with the guests. The live-cooking stations such as the pasta counter, sandwich bar, local noodle section, Indian specialty kitchen, Japanese counter and dessert corner are now stationed with chefs attending to the requests of guests. Guests are able to order as per their choice and selection of ingredients.
Spaghetti Corner 
Creamy and cheese spaghetti
Japanese Corner 
Sandwich Corner
The newly-added sandwich bar which is the brainchild of Chef Israel Lazaroo has received wonderful commendations from guests. Six types of bread are offered such as bagel, croissant, foccacia with choice of tuna, chicken ham, beef bacon; and even chicken floss with all the condiments.
A healthy lifestyle start with a  nutritious sandwich
Beef rendang pizza, seafood pizza and Thai green curry chicken pizza created by Chef Zahid
Sui Mai and Bun
Chef Harry's Life Porridge Fish, Chicken, Crab Meat, Crabstick, and Chicken Liver

I had a big bowl of porridge with all ingredient above (all-in-one). Absolutely taste good. I like add fish or chicken meat in my porridge, it can bring all the freshness of the ingredient into porridge. I feel surprise, they actually have chicken liver as an part of porridge ingredients.
There are also wonderful condiments to complement your bowl of piping hot porridge.
Nasi Lemak with Pandan flavour and side dishes
There are several types of curry rendang mix and match with Nasi Lemak. Chicken Rendang, Beef Rendang, Lamb Rendang, Duck Rendang and few more chili paste to be mixed on nasi lemak. The memorable taste which I still remember are the chili paste with cuttlefish and Beef rendang. It is indeed a lavish feast for nasi lemak lovers
Chef Hamid's Satay Specials  
Beef Satay, Chicken Satay and Lamb Satay (served with assorted condiments)
Live action on making Roti Jala
Roti Jala
Masala thosai 
Yong Tau Fu
Mochi coated with peanut or sesame seed, a Japanese dessert is another new introduction.
Laksa Johor
Dessert Corner
End my meal with tempting cakes, local kuih, freshly cut fruits or try the Chocolate Fountain. Actually, I can DIY my own cendol and ice kacang while the chef prepares the a-la-minute crepes suzette or apam balik.
Fruit Tart
My favourite tart!

Raspberry Mousse cake
Homemade Tau Fu Fa 
Steam Rice Cake
Chocolate Fruit Fountain
Assorted Bread
Assorted Ice Cream
Homemade Crepe
I am here proudly to said this buffet is really valuable and worth for money. They have more than 200 dishes for me to taste truly and the menu here are designed from their chef to fit everyone taste.If you are looking to spend the weekend with your family and friends, why not treat them to hi-tea at Cinnamon Coffee House. It’s a great respite for the whole family.

The weekend hi-tea is available on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12 noon to 4.30 pm.
Price for Saturday and Sunday
RM63++ adult 
RM32++ child 
Price for Public Holiday
RM70++ adult 
RM35++ child 

For reservations, please call Cinnamon Coffee House at 603 7681 1157.

Address : Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel
First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS : N03 08.910' E101 36.954'

Business Hour :  6:00 am to 1:00 am daily
Tel : +603-76811157

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  1. used to be able to eat a lot now old already cannot liao..rugi if i got buffet LOL

    1. @smallkucing Eat only the one you wish to eat.. Try more variety, but not over-eat.. will cause 'GAS' in stomach d.. hehe!

  2. wow.. so nice....dono when i have to chance to try it

    1. @summerkids Anytime you are welcome to taste it!

  3. it was definately more than a Hi-Tea... hehehe!

    very luxurious as there was a whole lamb there which is a lovely surprise.... =)

    1. @fooddream ya.. it more than Hi-Tea.. Filled up my hungry stomach by those nice nice food too.. keke

  4. it looks really really yummy to me..>.<

    1. @eunice Their dessert is good too.. I guess you will like it!

  5. Bubble milk tea cup look so big!

    1. @charmaine Angle problem.. is just a small cup with unlimited refillable!

  6. I see lots of cakes! *drools*

  7. when i browse through my picts, i realise i didnt try the yummy-looking crepe! what a miss LOL

    Latest: Of LocaL Spiciness

    1. @fish Haha.. Can take mine if u want that! lol

  8. looks pretty good at this price. see you this saturday man

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  9. I wonder how special is special? o.O

    1. @nath So, U need to check it out ur own! lol

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