Friday 30 March 2012

QQ SnowMix 雪花鲜 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong

QQ SnowMix 雪花鲜 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong

Shadowing the fever of Taiwanese desserts, we were going to hunt this QQ SnowMix at Puchong after having famous Yong Tau Fu nearby. Generally, QQ SnowMix has 2 branches located in Sri Petaling and Puchong respectively. The branch in Puchong is comparatively more spacious and can accommodate more customers.
The outlook of the shop. RM 1 looks attractive? Yeah, you can get a drink with RM 1 with any purchase of desserts during weekdays from 1pm - 8pm.
Outdoor seats and also smoking area.
Indoor seats with air-conditioned, looks colourful and cheerful. Indeed enlighten my Sunday afternoon.
The dessert items and prices are clearly listed out above the counter.
Besides desserts, QQ SnowMix also provides some Taiwan street snacks like Tempura, Taiwanese Salty Crispy Chicken, Taiwanese Egg and Chicken Roll, Let's check it out!
Tempura  RM5.90
Compared to the bigger and longer size one by Shihlin Street, QQ SnowMix rather makes the Tempura into shorter and biting size, much more handy i think. Quite nice to have it as snack while have a afternoon chat with friends, crispy and chewy!
Taiwanese Egg and Hotdog Roll  RM4.50
Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken  RM6.50
Taiwanese Sweet Potato Stick  RM2.50
Taiwanese Egg and Chicken Roll  RM5.50
Taipei Big Big Bowl  RM24.90
The biggest Taiwanese dessert with various topping i have ever seen. Normally, you will only get 3 toppings from Taiwanese Dessert Shop out there. But, you can have all toppings in a giant bowl in QQ SnowMix, 12 toppings in total. It is even comprised of three types of ices- grass jelly ice, taro ice and soya ice. Run out of ideas to have a special birthday celebration for your friend? This Big Big Bowl surely warranties him/her a big surprise!
Grass Jelly Ice + Taro Ice + Soya Ice + 12 Toppings
Best Seller Grass Jelly Ice Series  RM6.90
Taro Ice Series  RM6.50
I was attracted by the colours of the ice and a bit curious about the yellow colour layer. No prize for guessing ok. lol. The yellow colour layer on the top is actually Taiwanese pudding, with little aroma of fresh egg. The purple colour ice is taro ice, very rarely offered by other desserts house. A nice creation, taste and smell like ice cream.
Grass Jelly Ice Series  RM6.50
Sea Amber Jelly Ice + Pearl  RM6.90
This sea amber jelly ice will sure indulge lady customers! Very refreshing and cool. The jelly on the top is very smooth, the Gula Melaka's syrup gives some extra fragrant and a not excessive sweetness to the ice. Nice nice!
Lemon Jade Jelly Ice  RM5.50
I bet this is another lady-favourite-dessert. Lemon jade ice is sweet and sour in nature which always preferred by ladies. Once again, very refreshing one with the honey and lime juice.
Douhua Series + Pearl  RM4.90
This is the combination of fire and ice, lol. Ices on the top of a warm sweet beancurd, a creative one indeed.
QQ Taro Ice Series  RM6.50
Taiwan Black Sesame + QQ Taro  RM5.90
Taiwan Grass Jelly Soup + QQ Taro + Pearl + Peanut  RM6.90
Assorted Drinks  RM4.90 and above
Rainbow Jelly Cold Green Tea  RM5.90

Address : QQ SnowMix 雪花鲜
 No. 48, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong Selangor.
GPS : N03 01.557'  E101 36.994'

Business Hour :  Sun - Thurs  1pm - 11pm
Fri - Sat  1pm - 12am

Tel : 03-80523133 / 012-2165668

Other Branch at Sri Petaling

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  1. ooo... interesting. but price wise... similar to snowflake :(

    1. @simor Ya.. the price is almost the same.. individual taste lor..

  2. The black sesame quite special, can't find at other places.

    1. @choiyen Haha.. can find it at Pasar malam, but different taste lor

  3. Have Taiwanese desserts nowadays, thanks for sharing ^^

    1. @karen90 Haha.. Hope You will like it!

  4. the Taipei Big Bowl is seriously a huge bowl. For sharing seems ok. I'll go sugar high if I have to finish it alone:P

    1. @missyblurkit dun worry of sugar-high.. for sure u cant finish alone.. hehe.. Get few friends to try it out..

  5. Ohh..its at Puchong..Then I shall try it someday. hehe..

    1. @melissa Haha.. dun worry.. they have branch at SRI petaling as well..

    2. NONO...I meant Puchong will be a convenient one for me. hehe =)

  6. QQ Snowmix Bandar Puteri Puchong has closed. Telephone contacts not in used anymore.