Tuesday 6 March 2012

Pick-me-up @ Kuchai Enterprenuer Park, Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Pick-me-up @ Kuchai Enterprenuer Park, Kuchai Lama, 

Pick-me-up dessert shop had create some hype very recently among youngster. What make it so special? They actually innovated their signature dessert and snack by themselves by adding in some creativity. They attempting to be outstanding from the current dessert wave. To satisfy every customer's need, they did their own recipe and survey. They require this café to serve only delectable desserts and snacks to give people extra cheer, energy and satisfaction. 
Distinguished from other dessert shop, Pick-Me-Up not only provides desserts, but also some light foods and snacks. What is the motivation for owner to start off this? According to the owner, most of the eatery will only provide either dessert or snack. They were inspired to increase the variety of foods in the cafe to make everyone convenient and more enjoyable by setting up this cafe where everyone can find the most delicious desserts and snacks at the same place.
Clean and comfortable environment
The orange-yellowish design brighten up the cafe.Their signature desserts and snacks are displayed on the wall, so you can order it easily.
Normally, people who craving for Taiwanese dessert will go to Snowflakes, people who craving for frozen yogurt will go for tutti frutti, people will think of chatime when craving for a cup of bubble milk tea. How to satisfy all your friends if they have different ideas? Just bring them to Pick-Me-Up lar, lol, they provide everything, you can try all types dessert in one shot. 
Moreover, they have also spent a lot of time and effort blending both eastern and western ingredients and flavors together to create a harmonious mix and taste sensations. They feel that good food should not be strictly associated to certain countries. 
Ice Cream Burritos  雪糕卷饼 RM5.50/pcs
From left to right, Banana, Oreo Cookies and Mango. The selling price of original burritos with ice cream only is RM4.50/pcs. 
Tower Shaved Ice  RM12.90
 Their premium ice pick and this only limited for dine-in only.
Fruity Ice Tower
Signature dessert from Pick-Me-Up, one and only in the town. From top to bottom, Blueberry Ice, Mango Ice and Strawberry Ice. In between of ice, there is a layer of Vanilla ice cream separated each other. There is 4 topping serving together with tower shaved ice, Mango + Nata De Coco + Pearls + Taro Balls. 
Taiwanese Selection Ice Tower
From top to bottom, Grass Jelly Ice, Palm Sugar, Soya Ice. In between of ice, there is a layer of red bean separated each other. There is 4 toppings serving together with tower shaved ice, Grass Jelly + Barley + Pearls + Taro Balls. 
Chili Chic Quesadilla  RM8.50
  chili minced chicken filling
Chili Fries  RM8
cheesy chili minced chicken
Cheesy Fries  RM5.50
 cheesy and mayonnaise
Soft Ice Cream with 3 toppings  RM5.50
 soft ice cream with Nata De Coco, Pearls, Mango.
Frozen Yogurt  with 3 toppings   RM6.50
 Frozen Yogurt with Strawberry Sauce, Cornflakes and Toasted Oats
Nuttella French Toast  RM6.50
 with peanut butter and Ice Cream on top
Nuttella French Toast  RM6.50
 with Blueberry Jam and Ice Cream on top
Cheesy Nachos  RM4.50
Grass Jelly Ice with 5 toppings  RM6.50
comes with grass jelly, pearl, taro balls, red bean and lotus seed.
Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Ice with 3 toppings  RM8.50
 with Malt, Peanut and Oreo Cookies
(Front) Pearl Milk Tea  RM4.50
(Back) Grass Jelly Milk Tea RM4.50
There are a lots of delicious dessert, snack and drinks to choose

It totally nourished my taste buds with a variety of their unique blended delectable desserts and snacks.

Other than the above products, they even serve some local-dessert-pick:
Barley, Gingko Nuts with Beancurd Sheet Soup @ RM4.00
Bubur Cha Cha with Taro Balls @ RM5.00
Cendol @ RM4.50

Address : Pick-me-up
35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Enterprenuer Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS : N03 05.408'  E101 41.307'
(Right in front of Mr DIY)

Business Hour : Sun -Thurs : 12.30pm to 11.30pm
Fri - Sat : 12.30pm to 12.30am 

Tel : 03- 7981 4983 / 016 - 335 5301
Website : Pick-me-up

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  1. the fruity tower looks great but the parking there are hard to find :(

    1. @smallkucing ya.. the headache part is parking.. try some luck to find place if u dun1 illegal park.. hehe..

  2. Pick Me Up reminds me of the fruit stall in my office building!

    Reckon that I will go check out the ice cream burito that Henry mentioned isn't too sweet. And of course the Nutella French Toast. I love Nutella!

    1. @missyblurkit for me, the ice cream burito is not sweet.. You must try their fruity ice tower.. very special one!

  3. Replies
    1. @nath Cheesy fries not bad too..

  4. aiyoo!! the food looks great n well-presented...

    1. @akuzle Ya.. U gonna give it a try soon.. surely not disappointing u..

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  6. it's gonna be a while until this review gets his turn on my blog lol


    1. @tony haha.. Why? busy dating now?