Sunday 15 May 2011

Restaurant Woo Ng Kee 胡伍记海鲜酒家 @ Taman Ehsan, Kepong

Restaurant Woo Ng Kee 胡伍记海鲜酒家 @ Taman Ehsan, Kepong

According to restaurant owner, this restaurant has been operate more than 60 years from his father generation. So, this time definitely will serve out most old-school dish on 70-80's which rarely find at this city or can be said that is being extinct. The food was really taste delicious. Sometime, the restaurant outlook does not really reflect of its food quality. This is an another example for not discriminate.
Let begin of this food journey of the night at Kepong
*Jelly Chicken Shrimp Dish 七彩大冷盘  RM70 - 80
 The first dish is an oldish coldplate which rarely found on normal restaurant. On the plate, its consist of abalone,shrimp,chicken and perserved egg. This dish was come from special homemade recipe. From story, this dish was only served during special occasion like wedding dinner, birthday dinner and celebration dinner.
 The orange sauce is part of this dish. Its special mix sauce and able bring taste to max when eat with its.
 Look fantastic right
 Able to see the big shrimp, abalone, chicken.
Osmanthus Fin (Kwai Fa Chi) 桂花翅  RM30+
 Did you eat flavor fin with cabbage? On this oldish, roll some flavour fin on cabbage. Its make different level of tasting. That is one of my new experince too.
*Pomfret Fish in 3 Way 大斗鲳一唤三味   RM170-180
Pomfret fish in steamed egg, Grilled and deep fried. To make this dish perfectly, fresh live fish need. The fish is roll before steamed with some vege and put on steamed egg to boil it. Roll the tiny slide of fish is a special skill too. This type of steamed method is to avoid fish from over-steamed, so it some into slide. From the boss, this dish steamed for 6-8minutes is the perfect timing. Deep fried fish tail is crispy and nice to beer it up. Other part of fish which cant roll in slide, will done it with fry pan.
 Can you define how details Kungfu on it? can make a tie knot with leek.
*Pipah Duck 香脆琵琶鸭  RM38
The duck skin is roasted crispy and the duck meat is not too dry. Very good on controling timing of roast.
Sizzling Saigon Prawn 铁板西贡虾球   RM18, 25, 36
 The sizzling plate is made from copper. According to comment, the copper plate would not get rust even not use for couple day unlike iron sizzling plate. Therfore use the copper plate is more safe and health from iron plate. Boss proudly said, On Kepong area, only can find this at his restaurant. The shrimp is well cook, it absorb most the sauce from outside to inside.
Salted egg, Minced pork, Shrimp Taufu 咸蛋,肉碎,虾米 山水豆腐 RM10 +
 This is nice with plain rice. It can make me fill two bowl of rice only on single dish.
Braised Pork Knuckle 红烧猪手  RM35(Half portion) - RM70
 Personally, i do like much pork. Some dislike to have pork because of its oily part. But for me, the oily part is the awesome part. Remind for myself, cannot have to much oily, high cholesterol. This pork kunckle is cook until soft and can feel it melting inside mouth without chewing.This is cook for 10 hours before serve on table.
For special menu which require early reservation are marked as * asterisk sign on above

Thanks to Sidney, Restaurant Woo Ng Kee for invitation

Address胡伍记冷气海鲜酒家·Restaurant Woo Ng Kee
545, 546,547 Jalan Ehsan 3/7, 
Taman Ehsan, 52100 Kepong, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan
(Behind Mobil and Esso Petrol Station, or another landmark of Triangular Food Court)
GPS : N03 13.263  E101 37.431

Bussiness Hours : Opens daily from 11am - 2:45pm and 5pm to 11pm.
 Close every Thursday.
Contact : 03-62742305

Map : From Google

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  1. yes, I have been to this restaurant. service and foods are good

  2. @smallkucing Ya.. Same tought with you.. May try this few dish up.. very special d..

  3. I'd definitely paw the pork knuckle.

  4. @quirky yeap.. agree with you too.. i love it..

  5. Today went to this restaurant after I read few post search from internet, since comment is good.
    But service is terrible. Boss no smile and face black all the while.
    Not hygiene, saw the lizard shit on the tissue which place top on the plate. and small small lipas walking here n there.

    So disappointed, but wondering still have so many customers.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.. I suggest you may talk to their boss..

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