Tuesday 5 April 2011

Joez Coconut Kiosk @ KL Sentral, KL

Joez Coconut Kiosk @ KL Sentral, KL

The first kiosk at KL Sentral newly open starting from 10 Jan 2011. 
Lately, the weather become hotter and like stay nearby half meter to sun. So, I am assured that this is the nice place to hang out at KL central here.Or maybe you can rest at here before run. Information to you, Coconut juice has an ability to help you detox and cooling down your body temperature

Read this logo. Get to the right shop. this original coconut jelly shop.
See the way they prepare the coconut shake and coconut juice.
Accordingly, all the coconuts and coconut jelly were transported by Joez himself to ensure the quality of its. The taste you can have in Penang is the same as well in KL. How freshly to be the coconut alike directly pluck from coconut tree.
Original Penang Coconut Jelly    RM4.70
 Very soft jelly that you can be slapped with a straw.
The jelly is made from pasteurized fresh coconut juice extracted from young fruits and passed through a secret process that turns the liquid into semi solid form of silky smooth jelly. It’s the perfect companion to quench your thirst and reduced internal heat in the body.
Coconut Shake   RM3.50
Coconut shake which sole made from pure coconut juice and added with some evaporated coconut milk plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream to spice it up. Not forget to mention that coconut flesh was inside it too.

special invite by Joez Coconut

Location : KL Sentral (In front CIMB)
Business Hours: 9am - 8pm 

Main Branch : 201, Jalan Dato Kramat,
10150, Penang, Malaysia
Tel : 04-2296063
Business Hours : 7am - 7pm

Contact : Penang : 016-4409049 (Joez)
KL Central : 016-5330097 (Siri)

Official Site : Joez Coconut
FB : Joez Coconut Jelly

they also cater for all kinds party and function

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On Groupego - Klang Valley

53% OFF, 1 Coconut Jelly + 1 Coconut Shake at JOEZ COCONUT @ RM4 instead of RM8.50

KL Sentral Branch: 1 Coconut Jelly + 1 Coconut Shake.
Penang Branch: 1 Coconut Jelly + 1 Coconut Pandan.


Limited to 200 customers only.
Unlimited purchase of coupons is allowed
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  1. quite cool hor the kiosk...i like the coconut jelly

    thefye.com kindly visit my blog

  2. @kumfye Ya.. the coconut jelly is great and cooling down some body heat..

  3. Ask them who designed the kiosk?

  4. @jason Hi, you may just call out joez to ask 016-4409049

  5. For eg. regardless of whether they are utilizing concoction free manures and about the atmosphere conditions where they are developed and so on. Fresh Coconuts Suppliers