Thursday 28 April 2011

The Lost Bladesman @ GSC Mid Valley

The Lost Bladesman 關雲長

Date:  27.04.2011
Time :  9pm
Venue : Hall 12 , GSC , Mid Valley 
Synopsis: The story of Guan Yu's life where he was held captive by warlord Cao Cao and went on a journey by horse to face various obstacles and behead several generals along the way.

Today, i am addicted on Three kingdoms story since I start watch the famous 'The Three Kingdoms' HD drama. I am very impress of the brave and loyalty from ancient people.Ok. This movie for me is more like a action movie rather than a historical hero story. Every scene of the movie is talk about fight and fight by hero. Maybe some of scene might be out of real story. Some scene make me feel like watch a comedy movie instead of GuanYu life story. But last, i like it because of this is three kingdom story. Overall, this movie is acceptable. Plus, all the action scene is pretty awesome at that place.

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