Wednesday 6 April 2011

UK Agro Farm Resort @ Kluang, Johor

In conjunction, its own official facebook contest. i get myself free tour package for 2.
Well, i had travel myself to redeem/claim it by few week ago. Nice place with all those scenery.
Great opportunity for those who like photography much.

How to get there?
Exit at Kluang toll and turn right at the junction. Follow the signboard there.

GPS : N01 58.484  E103 13.791

UK Farm signboard after 15minutes travel from roadside.
The signature Goat Landmark
Archery Stage
Coffee Hunt
Look at this blue blue sky
Maybe try some luck on this Catch Goat Competition.

Ok. Now go to the reception hall

Price for tour package

Start our journey with funny lazy tour guide

Caution : This is an extremely long post ever.

Live SheepDog Show

What can i see at here? All the goat are line in order to run back their dorm after having their meal/grass on the land for continuous 2hours. They are now full and energetic to run back their pen. Nice cute and awesome scenery to see all goat run all way just beside you few inch closer.

Visit Farm Factory/ food factory
Tour guide explain on how to process all the grass and mix with dry grass in order to give goat full nutrient food. While if the rain season, all goat will not allow to go the field eat fresh grass, by right they are giving dry grass in replace the fresh grass.

Visit Sheep Pen and Lamb pet
this is my first time step up to sheep pen and take closer look to their living place. Once there, will smell heavy ammonia from the ground floor. I am dare not to breath there. Luckily, this place was treated by chemical to reduce the smell. Now, the chance to take-over goat on our hand. is required some skill to hold the goat static on your part. Everyone manage to catch goat. Optional : to feed goat with dry grass, one small pack dry grass cost RM3

Visit Herb Sanctuary
Roselle drink   RM2
Here is small herb sanctuary in this farm. Take a look on all herb plant here. After that, will give everyone have a try on stevia hot tea for free flow.
This herb drink has plenty of function to reproduce our health. Should try it, since has a lot function. suggestion you to google it yourself. Optional : Roselle drink for RM2, wanna try some cold drink in this hot summer day.

Visit Ostrich Park
Ostrich farm was just move from existing place due to segamat flood last time. This place is located higher than before this. OK. those ostrich are higher than me when it head up. It seem look friendly to outsider. small young ostrich was soon to be migrate to this big cage. Optional : ostrich feed can be purchase at RM3. 

Visit Passion Fruit Street.
Passion fruit street show all the passion fruit hang up on the set-up. this is easy for it to grow and avoid the fruit to be eat by mouse and other. some explanation was the red colour is the better sweet taste and full of nutrient. strictly no pluck on fruit, fine RM300

Visit Kampung Asli/ sakai village
Here is the Kampung Asli village. There will be short show on how they survive in the jungle by awesome hunting skill. we are allow to take photo all around here. [ i prefer go to the real one]. they gave us some souvenir from their jungle according their said. I like their architecture. 

Goat Milk Feeding
Goat Milk Feed area. Try out how to feed the goat when they are hungry. They are vie with each other to get the milk. they are not drink the treated goat milk from their mom. They only drink the fresh goat milk.  Optional : Goat milk RM2

Mushroom & Vege Farm
I like this place, all wooden structure. Hanging on the top of tree like Tarzan. small hunt on the top of tree. On the truth said, the mushroom farm like nothing inside. Few mushroom on the plant, vege farm are not well care. Here we get each one fresh mushroom snack. Optional : Ice Cream RM2, mushroom snack meal. They offer some set lunch too.

The end of the post. Run away from city to enjoy fresh air. Try that.

Address : UK Agro Resort
Lot 8, Project Pertanian Moden
Jalan Ayer Hitam Insitute Haiwan
86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Tel : +607-759 7555/ +607-759 5018/ +607-759 5991/013-778 7235
Website : UK Agro Resort

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  1. Interesting post! Nice picture taken ya ^^

  2. @hpility thanks.. that all photo just taken by not-DSLR.. the quality a bit lousy.. shame shame.. hehe

  3. Heard of it a few times and hope to go there when I head down South one day :D

  4. @luhnix ya.. there is a nice place for a visit there with friends

  5. Talk about a great overall experience. This is a must try!

    beccles suffolk

  6. @carl This is of course an enjoyment trip.. Wohoo..

  7. I saw blog about this place and at first, I thought it was in UK. A great new place to relax and explore.

  8. @diana Dont feel shock.. as when i explore the place, i also get shock about that, How come Malaysia have such beautiful place that i never know.. But now, i back from there.. wohoo..

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