Sunday 3 April 2011

Grand Dinner @ Marriott Hotel , Putrajaya

Grand Dinner at Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

Date : 5 March 2011
Time : 8pm

i been there very quite early, that is the opportunity for me to take some photo outside there.
The purpose for me is to eat and watch show.

My table of 42
Door gift
inside Putrajaya Grand Ballroom
Chinese Tea
Orange Juice

my first time to drink two beverage in once.
Special Hot and Cold Dish Combination
Braised Dried Seafood Soup with Crab Meat
Roasted Crispy Sesame Chicken with Crackers
Baked Tiger Prawns with Butter Sauce
Deep Fried Siakap with Spicy Thai Sauce
Braised slice 'Lin Chin' Mushroom and Seasonal Vegetables
Fried Rice with Anchovies and Salted Fish
Special Dessert Combination
Chilled Sweetened Sea Coconut with Longans

Few photo showing my face..

The food was awesome and in huge portion. But the price is amazing too..
But no choice, try to fit my stomach full in this dinner.

Official Hotel site : Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya

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  1. @kumfye yup.. nice food..highly recommend

  2. gonna try :) tq 4da recommendation!

  3. @kyle u r welcome..

  4. I don't really fancy hotel food, prefer Chinese restaurants in terms of taste.

  5. @nava hehe.. this hotel provide nice chinese food as above u can see

  6. what show did u watch in the hotel on that day? why never blog about it one? *curious*

  7. @wenpink just a casual dinner.. no special show.. that why i din blog about it..