Friday 25 March 2011

My Honeymoon Dessert @ Kota Damansara , PJ

 My Honeymoon Dessert @  Kota Damansara
This branch has changed its origin look to more modern and stylist to fit the need of new born generation.
And so this branch operate in self service due to space restrain for many waiter.
And so, this branch has become smaller and make warm environment suitable for gathering.
Many dessert in menu was taken out in this branch due to limited space of kitchen.
But not too worry, the signature one still stick in menu. Some of new menu was add only in this branch.
Stay close to my post.. I tell you more.
the interior of the shop is quite in younger look.

Kick start with food tasting.
Mango Pancake 芒果班戟     RM9
Favorite choice
Durian Pancake 榴莲班戟     RM9
Favorite choice
Mango Cream with Sago and Pamelo  杨枝甘露     RM12
The Pamelo is in bitter. No doubt about it.. It originally is bitter too while it can see thru its name  "" means bitter in chinese.
Mango Special Maruko 超多芒小丸子     RM13
Every bite feels the balls and mango
Perfect Ten 十全十美     RM10
Absolutely it really come to perfect ingredient. Thin skin and full portion of ingredient.
Snow Fungus with papaya 南北杏雪耳炖木瓜     RM7
For me, this really a restorative dessert. 
Sweet Ball coated with crushed peanut  家乡糖不甩     RM7
Sesame Cream 生磨芝麻糊     RM6
Soft and smooth..
Sweet Potato in ginger soup  老姜番薯糖水     RM4
Sweet Heart  甜甜蜜蜜   RM9
Recommended for who couple which like to share the dessert.. wakaka
Waffle  华夫饼干   RM3.90
This waffle only available in this branch. So dont worry if you are feel sick of dessert, can try this.
Its totally different from other waffle stall. It come to soft skin and not oily.
Tea-Break promotion with purchase any Snow Ice item, exclusive this waffle with RM 1.00 only.
Mellow Fellow Panstry  米露细佬酥皮点心     RM16
Layer by layer, very good dessert with ice-cream.
ToFu Sweet Heart 甜之密语     RM11
Snow ice and mix fruit
Chocolate Sweet Heart Snow Ice 甜心朱古力     RM11
Adzuki Love 红豆初恋     RM10
Colorful Granulated Ice  幻彩杯杯冰     RM14
This more look like ABC. The different way is this come with fresh mango paste.
Mango Love  芒果之恋     RM12

Fresh mango snow ice.

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Location : My Honeymoon Dessert ( Kota Damansara )
22-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
GPS : N03 09.106'  E101 35.586'

Bussiness Hours : Sun - Thurs  12.30am - 11.30pm
Fri - Sat  12.30pm - 12.30am

Toll Free : 1-800-22-1880 ( enquiry )
 FB : My Honeymoon 甜蜜港式甜品屋

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  1. yeah went there before. i like their menu better than snowflakes. :P

  2. @medic007 haha..really nice if go with friends.. chit chat there with nice dessert

  3. When I go through your first few photos, I thought it was a mango's theme shop

  4. @chenlin haha.. nope.. this is dessert shop.. very nice d..

  5. thank god I was in time to wallop some of the desserts!

  6. @tehtarik haha.. next time if got chance i want to have desserts again too..