Wednesday 30 March 2011

I am Mad now

Listen here wherever i go, i found a mysterious symbol keeps appearing in front of me. The look of the mysterious symbol is very unique. To proof that i am not crazy man. Am my eye has problem?
[look carefully at the bottom-left corner of mountain]
 This incident was happen long time ago to me
 What is this? ? How come it always appear in front me?
Anyone here has discovered this symbol?
I worry. I am not crazy man. 
Ok ! Come a guess. Its maybe an impact to Earth. Alien coming? Is it radiation? Is it an apocalypse? 
Is it about getting infected?
  Who can tell me?

After i google about it? result come one! Not only me found that
A group of girl  took a video of this mysterious looking shadow or fish or something w
hen on the way back to KL from HK

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  1. Maybe it's Pizza Hut's new logo or something. LOL!

    Don't think so much xD

  2. @jz hope so.. i am mad with this logo right now...

  3. lol.. don mad.. i oso saw this logo last nite at d cinema...


  4. @engtaukia WTF.. so many this sign... What is this sign means? lol