Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Eagle @ eCurve , Petaling Jaya

Cinema Online/Hahah Deal Preview Screening - The Eagle

Date : 22 March 2011
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : e@Curve, Damansara
Synopsis : In 140 AD, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth. Accompanied only by his British slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out across Hadrian's Wall into the uncharted highlands of Caledonia - to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father's memory, and retrieve the lost legion's golden emblem, the Eagle of the Ninth. 

Thanks to and Cinema Online because best deals in town & because they're the best Movie site in Malaysia. And give me two ticket. Haha

Actually, i want to express my happiness on the interview when redeem my ticket.. But the time is rushing for me to clear my appointment on dinner. Sorry for that. Emm, this is my first time get ticket from Hahah/Cinema online. Cool! talk back in this movie, this movie is quite bored for me. This movie is major on finding The Eagle which Rome lost in last battle with Britain. The eagle represent the honour of Rome and his family fame. He want to protect his father and family fame. Thus, he was expose himself into danger travel to Britain and look for the eagle. Whole movie is on Britain tribe fight against him. In this movie, can know the situation about slave and king. The slave are lower status then worker, which he must listen whatever his employer word. Ancient world is very unfair. The brave of warrior, the spirit of warrior and the honestly of people.

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