Tuesday 1 March 2011

Kampung Aston Curry Mee @ Restoran Nature Garden , Bukit Mertajam

Another recommendation on Penang food.
Another must-try in Bukit Mertajam.
Let's us take a look what is so special about Penang Curry Mee?

碧姨咖喱面 @ Kampung Aston Curry Mee

this is the Curry Mee that i like~
which originally located at Kg. Aston,
but now is moving out and operating its business in a kopitiam.

deng deng deng deng~
the auntie who preparing the curry mee, she is so sensitive to the camera, haha.
maybe there are too many people/blogger took pictures of her stall before?

Curry Noodles     RM2.70
oh yeah, a big bowl of curry mee only cost RM 2.70.
As what you have seen through the picture above,
Penang Curry Mee is famous by putting coagulated pig blood.
i like the combination of curry mee with long bean, the long bean is well-cooked,
and the curry soup was well absorbed into it.
The sambal on it is quite nice also, not too spicy. suitable for all people.

Address : 碧姨咖喱面 Kampung Aston Curry Mee
桃园Restoran Nature Garden
Taman Maju Utama,
Bukit Mertajam 
GPS: N5 21.132 E100 28.374
Tel: 016-4339 876 / 016-4289 301
Business hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Closed every Wednesday 

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  1. wow....this curry mee looks so delicious. Full of ingredient!

  2. @small yup.. very big portion sometimes.. i like this very long time edy...

  3. i love penang curry mee. the sambal must be nice too from its texture. hahaa

  4. @marogal hehe.. that sambal is all time favorite...

  5. my friend brought me to try this noodle too.. i was taken aback by the 'blood'.. first time seeing it like that.. shocking ler.. haha..

  6. @merryn haha.. "blood" is like that, but likely to eat.. this noodles taste how? for me sure like it because i am local there..