Tuesday 15 January 2013

That's Cafe @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru

That's Cafe @ Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru

That's Cafe is the hidden gem in Johor Bahru downtown area. This small white wooden cafe  is so low profile until I won't even discover it if my friend did not tell me about this unique boutique cafe. A transparent window allows me to look into the small space, surprised by those little antique toys.

I am impressed with the homey feel when I first entered into the cafe. Got the feel of my grandma's house, with the strong sense of nostalgic. The furnitures are mixed and matched, placed randomly in the cafe, every single piece of table and chair is unique and not repeated. 
The beverage bar on the right of the entrance. The colourful glasses and cups are placed in the wall cabinet, decorative and attractive enough. And it was like a treasure hunting when I walk into the cafe, everything looks interesting to me. Below are the antique toys that I found in the cafe.
The tiny post-piggy bank, so cute.
Britain military soldiers standing neatly on the red-coloured rack.
I owned a small piano like this during my childhood, did you?
The old fashion funfair machine and popcorn maker.
This cute wooden horse caught my attention on my way looking for wash room.   
The old school bus taxi. Owner's childhood toy?

Passion Fruit + Yoghurt + Sour Plum  RM9.90
A costly beverage indeed, but the real and natural ingredients are used, I personally witnessed the making process, the owner used whole fresh passion fruit to blend with yoghurt and sour plum, very refreshing and appetizing. The texture is thick and creamy, it is rather dessert than a drink in my opinion. 
Chicken Chop  RM16.90
I like their chicken chop too, served with mixed vegetables, vege spring roll and wedges. Can't see the potato wedges? It is hidden under the chicken chop, and very delicious after absorbing all the flavourful gravy. The spring roll is another part that I like,  fried till crispy and since the filling is made from vegetables, good for healthy-conscious consumer. A very home-cook style chicken chop full with the chef's effort and thought. 
A close up look of the chicken chop, the chicken is grilled to perfection, tender and soft! Some western herbs spread on the top of the chicken chop, make it not only nice to see, but also delicious to eat.
Seafood Pasta  RM14.90
Seafood Pasta is my another menu on the night, flat noodles are used. Normally, flat noodles are not easy to handle, but the texture of this is just right, render the noodles springy and not to hard. The ingredients inside are quite surprising too, surprised by their generous portion of the fresh big prawn and squid. I super like their prawn, crunchy and fresh! A big like to it.
If you wonder where is the location of this nice restaurant, here it is, located at the street of heritage--Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. After dinner on Saturday, we walked around for their famous flea market just outside the door of the restaurant, kill two birds with a stone!

Address : That's Cafe
55, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee,
80000, Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 27.392'  E103 45.825'

Bussiness Hour3pm-12am
Closed on Monday
Tel : 07-2239088

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  1. seems like all those themed cafe will be more popular nowadays. haha

    1. @henry Ya.. Is everywhere now.. But every cafe have their own themed.. sometimes, i find quite relax siting in such cafe environment..

  2. oo.. I have been here... in fact, the pics are still in my card.. lol

    love this place for its knick knacks and they have got a whole cupboard full of old and new cameras!! love it...

    1. @fooddream Hehe.. Nice place to explore!

  3. I had the mini iano too last time..but mine was red

    1. @smallkucing Yeah.. Same.. THat was stone age ago story.. hehe