Tuesday 1 January 2013

Soon Cafe & La Gourmet Dessert @ Johor Bahru, Johor

Soon Cafe & La Gourmet Dessert @ Johor Bahru, Johor 

When I decided to go working in Singapore, it means that I will hunt the good foods down in Singapore and Johor Bahru as well. Eating and blogging are just merged as part of my life. After started working, weekends are the moment I anticipate every week, to shelter my stressful mind and stomach. This week, I went to the area around Taman Pelangi there to hunt for good foods. It is going to be a two-stations-post.
The first station I visited after I had passed over the border is this Soon Cafe. Soon Cafe is established not long ago, it is not a very old and traditional cafe, but is surprisngly all time crowded by people. Soon Cafe is famous for its Hainanese Chicken Rice, Emerald Mee and Hakka Lei Cha.
Kopi Special 顺咖啡  RM3
Spotted this Kopi Special in the menu and decided to see how special it is. Anyway, not too much special and different than a Kopi C. But it is good to have a cup of aromatic coffee to go with my brunch. 
Burger Bun with Egg and Luncheon Meat
黄金汉堡午餐肉煎蛋  RM3.90
This is the breakfast I shared with my girlfriend. The buttered round bun is toasted to perfection, with the traditional charcoal fragrance and crisp. This kind of combination needs not much of seasoning, the luncheon meat itself is sufficiently flavourful.  
Lontong 隆冬  RM4.90
This is my lunch, a plate of Chinese-styled Lontong. This is my first time trying on this dish. Lontong is a compressed rice cake. Its ingredients consist of compressed rice, carrots, beans, cabbages, fried bean curd and boiled egg, served in the coconut milk gravy, topped with Sambal Bawang and ikan bilis. It is definitely not a luxurious version of Lontong, but definitely a good experience for me. 
Emerald Mee 菠菜面  RM5.90
The Emerald Mee with its beautiful greenish is made from spinach, looks healthy and also taste healthy. The noodles is believed to be handmade and therefore it is super springy! The broth is great too, long hours cooking with pork bones makes it looks milky and thick, very good match with the noodles. Some fried anchovy is added on the top, to enhance the crispy and crunchy texture.

Too full and satisfied with the meal. we decided to go shopping before heading to next station for dessert. 

Address :  Soon Cafe 顺咖啡美食馆
133, Jalan Sutera,Taman Sentosa,
80150 Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS : N01 29.588'  E103 46.318'

Bussiness Hour : 7.30am - 7pm
Closed on Sunday
Tel : 07-3320213
FB Soon Cafe 顺咖啡美食馆

After shopping, we went to the famous dessert shop in town--La Gourmet. It is located at the back of Plaza Pelangi, a quite strategic location. This new dessert shop is main on Hong Kong Dessert, the name of the cafe in Cantonese "Mat Dou Lou" means "mix everything together", implies that icy dessert here comprised of a big variety of ingredients.

Their name is printed on their spoon and bowl.
Strawberry Loh 草莓捞  RM8.90
The strawberry ice is for my girl. The colour is fabulous, naturally derived from the strawberry fresh juice, no colouring is added. Anyway, the strawberry they used is not sweet enough, but super sour! And I was quite disappointed by the shaved ice, where only normal ice is used, I thought it supposed to be snow ice. The texture will be much more better if snow ice is used.
Durian + Mango 榴莲芒果捞  RM12.90
Mango Mountain Hill 芒果神冰  RM9.90
Being impressed by the Mango Mountain Hill from Hui Lau San in KL, I tried on the same dish from La Gourmet too. From their fan page in Facebook, they claim their mango are from their self-owned plantation. The ice-cream and pudding are all made from mango. The dessert is not bad, as it is rich with mango aroma. Just do not know what, their mango is so sweet as I thought too. 

Actually this dessert shop is famous with its tallest ice tower, but it is definitely not for two person. Leave it for next time when I come with a bunch of friends!

Address :  La Gourmet Dessert 乜都撈
11, Jalan Kuning 2,
Taman Pelangi, 
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS: N01 28.704'  E103 46.000'

Bussiness Hour : 1pm - 5pm / 7pm - 12am

Closed on Wednesday
Tel 07-338 3237
FB https://www.facebook.com/LaGourmetDesserts

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  1. I never have lontong bofore too, is it similar with nasi ketupat?

    1. @choiyen quite similar to nasi ketupat..

  2. I love lontong. Happy New Year Nikel!

    1. @merryn Happy New Year Merryn, Its so special to me..

  3. I love lontong! Not many places have good lontong like the Johoreans!

    1. @missyblurkit My first time heard about lontong..