Tuesday 29 January 2013

RM5 Chicken Chop Hutan Bandar @ Hutan Bandar Johor Bharu

RM5 Chicken Chop Hutan Bandar @ Hutan Bandar Johor Bharu

Craving for chicken chop but wan to avoid my pocket and wallet bleeding, we headed to the cheapest chicken chop stall in town. Yeah, here it is, near the Hutan Bandar Johor Bahru. It is of little be remote if you are not too familiar with the area, but you will definitely discover it at night because when the whole road is in dark, this is the only place with brightness and crowd! To make your trip more secure, please refer to the gps code at the bottom of this post.
There are three stalls linked together, the first stall on the left sells normal Malay goreng-goreng food, the second stall offers satay, but the attraction of crowd is still the western food stall which alleges to be the cheapest chicken chop in town with only RM 5. Besides chicken chop, they also serve burger, oblong, and lamb chop. Spy on other people table, the RM5 chicken chop contains 3 pieces of deep-fried chicken breast, fries and salad, the portion is super generous indeed. But my throat was not that comfortable with fried food, and I am not really into chicken breast, so we rather go for grilled chicken chop, grilled lamb chop and beef oblong.
Grilled Chicken Chop Set RM7.50
The dining atmosphere and environment were not that good, no candlelight, no cushion chairs and no fancy decoration, the table was not that clean as well, I have to admit this is a normal and typical mamak stall.  However, the grilled chicken chop with super nice presentation definitely surprised me. The white plate makes it look clean, classy and attractive. The chicken chop is accompanied by coleslaw and fries. The only sauce available is black pepper sauce, which is "membanjiri" on the chicken chop. The taste is quite not bad, and because they are using chicken thigh to do grilled chicken chop, the texture is just good. I do think it will be better if they can reduce the black pepper sauce which is too overwhelming. 
Grilled Lamb Chop Set RM10
The portion of the Lamb Chop is quite surprising as well, two big pieces of lamb chop on the plate! The meat near the bone is just fantastic, not too fat and oily. But, since they are expert in chicken chop, but not lamb, it is pity that the texture is of a bit rubbery and overcooked. And lack of options for sauce, it tastes similar to the chicken chop because of the pepper sauce.
Oblong Beef  RM4
Oblong is another option. It tastes good while it is still warm, with the bread, it is super filling. Because of the cheap price, I overestimated the capacity of my stomach, and subsequently spoil my diet plan. This is the place I will re-visit indeed for the good food at reasonable and affordable price. 

Address : Chicken Chop Hutan Bandar 
Hutan Bandar Johor Bharu
Jalan Tasek Utara, Taman Bakti, 80200 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 28.840'  E103 44.772'

Business Hour : 5pm - late

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  1. So cheap but the portion is big! Normally we get it for about rm15++ in KL sobss

    1. @yuhjiue Can compare with KL, there almost triple of price.. and not so nice too..

  2. Too much gravy for my liking >.<

    1. @choiyen Absolutely not enuf.. more gravy better.. keke

  3. Hye... memori this time... now all change everything... I borrow u first picture for video cover at youtube...
    Hope ur ok...