Wednesday 29 February 2012

Retro Kitchen 星光美食 @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Retro Kitchen 星光美食 @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Retro Kitchen (Formerly known as Mojo Upstairs Cafe), it is located at the not obvious place from the street as you cant find the place if you do not raise up my eye level to see all the billboard above your head. Due to my early exploration to this place, I can easily find it where its located. Its just nested right above 7-eleven convenient shop.

For a quick information, this shop had been running through a minor renovation, from a very home feel decor to 50's - 60's rock star cafe. The set-up is nice and interesting, where you can find everything fitted up with antique artist poster and album cover. Although there is a change on the decor, but the soul of the kitchen is still remained. Their Asian and Western cuisine which served to me are awesome nice and presentable.

The place is rather small but definitely cozy.
This cafe owner is very considerate to those non-smoker. They provide a smoking area at balcony. There is a glass door to separate the smoking and non smoking area. Well done!
Old and classical Charcoal iron sitting in the cabinets

The restaurant has a classic and antique feeling that bring me back to the 1950s and 1960s.  The 50’s and 60’s favorite list song are play randomly in this cafe. Listening to this soft classic music are kind of relax, as if could take every diners back to 50s.
Jelly Show  RM4.90
Mushroom Bruschetta (5pcs)  RM8.90
Sliced of crusty baguette toasted with mix mushrooms and brown sauce. 

The best thing here is they served this bruschetta immediately from the oven, without any delay. It tastes good while its still in hot. They are generous on putting mushroom on the top. From the beginning of starter, I find myself really like this place and its give me a lot of taste where other place cannot be found. 
A closer look for what I like the most.
Classic Chicken Chop  RM13
Marinated butter flied chicken, pan fried till golden brown. Served with homemade mushroom sauce, fries and coleslaw

The chicken chop are really tender and well-marinated. Its retaining the moisture and tenderness of the meat. To me, every single cut of the chicken are so tastefully. Dipping with the homemade mushroom sauce is another great key.
New Zealand Lamb Chop RM22
Selection of lamb shoulder from New Zealand, pan fried and baked till tender. Served with homemade lamb sauce, mashed potatoes and saute mix vegetables.

This lamb chop is 70% medium rare and 30% rare done. Surprisingly, the chef is quite skillful in handling the lamb, the lamb is not rubbery, and its retaining its firm and moist texture. 
Lamb Shank  RM28
Braised till tender and soft, served with mix vegetable and mashed potatoes.

The lamb shank is braised until tender and soft. I can easily rip the meat even without knife and fork. While that, I found that the mashed potatoes on the downside of lamb shank are perfectly mingle with the sauce and make it taste very outstanding.     
Chicken Parmigiana  RM18
Chicken fillets breaded and deep fried, topped with tomato sauce, ham gratin of cheese, comes with fries and coleslaw.

A sweet and warm idea come from the kitchen to make this ❤ shape Chicken fillets. I guess it was the best seller during Valentine? Here, I can treat myself good foods with affordable price even on festive season.
Mix Mushroom Spaghetti with basil leaves and olive oil  RM??
Its look simple preparing and yet it is so tasty.
Linguine Duck with Mushroom, Coriander and chili paddy  RM18 
This is one of their signature dish. Spaghetti is served with duck meat and crispy duck skin. Tossed with some chili paddy and olive oil will opens up the flavour. Its so good and the plate is clean and clear within a seconds. Everyone are just love it!
Retro's Special Lamb Fried Rice  RM11
The juiciest lamb pieces saute with garlic, chili,onions, carrots, cucumber and capsicum, topped with a fried egg, served with papadom and homemade belacan sauce.
Retro's Trio Pizza   RM16
Thin pizza with button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms and oyster mushrooms and 3 types of cheese.

This one is my favorite choices. I like the crispy skin of this pizza with the generous amount of toppings, especially cheese which cover up almost the whole pizza. How often can find it on my table! answers, NO.
For those who like hot and spicy, do try their homemade chili flake (gun powder), its will adding extra enjoyment to your pizza. I tried it once and its turning me into hot and sweat. Hence, I had gave up for my second try.
Sweet Trio Special  RM??
From left, Lime Crumble, Walnut Brownies and Mini dessert of Tiramisu

Of course, the fabulous meal cannot end without a proper dessert. The dessert here did not disappointing me at all. I like the lime crumble, its taste slightly sour and replenished my appetite to have more food afterwards. Overall, I would said that the food here are awesome with an affordable price. I definitely will back here for their snow jelly, its just nothing can beat off.   

Address : Retro Kitchen 星光美食
No 8, Mezzanine Floor,
Jalan SS2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 07.051'  E101 37.291'
(Right above 7-11 convenience shop)

Business Hour : Tue - Sun  12pm - 11pm 
(3.30pm - 5.30pm will have a short break)
 Monday Closed

Tel :  03-78730036

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  1. wow above 711! and Mushroom Bruschetta makes me drooooooooooooool :D......

    1. @kianfai Ya.. Above 7-11.. Mushroom Bruschetta makes me drooling too..

  2. Wow.... Same! the Mushroom Bruschetta lookss irresistible!! nyum! how come I didnt notice this restaurant exist? lol. thanks for sharing ya!!! ^^

    1. @eunice Sure. enjoyed your meal there!

  3. d classic chicken chop looks good..
    my all time fav...

    1. @simpleperson wow.. hope you will like the more with their homemade sauce!

  4. WAAAAA! the cheese on top of pizza is superrrrr! Drools~~

    1. @xing Haha.. Very generous boss..

  5. The jelly snow so plain wan?? I bet if put some 'gun powder' on it will be very shiok! hehe...

    I want pizza!! >_<

    1. @merryn jelly snow with gun powder? its come with lime macum ABC.. but i didnt try it, so i dunno how was its taste.. GUN powder on Pizza is damn syok-nye.. wakaka

  6. Hmm, didn't know that there's such a place there. haha

    1. @kelvin then you must be there to check it out.. lol

  7. Replies
    1. @isaac They do have varies choice of western food and local delight!

  8. Tried the duck pasta, love it!

  9. like discovering a hidden gem in SS2

    1. @yeeling Haha.. glad I did that..

  10. i love the food so much will go and have some try there :)

    1. @caro Yaya.. hehe.. Hope you will like it..

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