Friday 24 February 2012

Batu 19 Nasi Lemak @ Taman Kulai Besar, Kulai, Johore

Batu 19 Nasi Lemak @ Taman Kulai Besar, Kulai

After a half year, I am visit here again, the city of southern of Malaysia, Johore. This time i will bring some of the local delight food, Nasi Lemak. What so special of this nasi lemak, since it can be found all over Malaysia, big stall small stall. This Nasi lemak stall only operate from evening till late night. They served really crispy crunchy fried Chicken. Some of customers would like to order for extra crunchy fried chicken powder on their chicken. Its look good. 

The fried chicken are really fast-selling. Everytime, the fried chicken moving out from cooking oil, its finish just in couple minutes.
Nasi Lemak Ayam  RM4
 Crispy crunchy fried chicken
 I like their sambal sauce. Its taste slightly spicy, not the sweet type.
 Beside this, there are one satay stall located the opposite side, which is not bad too. 
Chicken Satay (x10 sticks)  RM5

Address : Batu 19 Nasi Lemak 
1,Jalan Susur Kulai 2,
Taman Kulai Besar,
Kulai, Johore.
GPS :  N01 39.126'  E103 36.611'
(Same row with Agro Bank)

Business Hours : 4pm - 12am (till sold out)

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  1. I miss Peninsular Malaysia punya nasi lemak. It is hardly to find nice and delicious nasi lemak in Sabah.

    Satay there oso very cheap. In sabah, now it increase to 70 cents for each stick =(

    1. @diana Peninsular here is welcome you board anything you want! hehe.. Serious? Sabah food price is almost d same with KL.. WTH!

  2. i like the look of the rice. Not lumpy

    1. @smallkucing Ya.. Very nice and taste great! You may add in their Crispy chicken powder..

  3. The satay is really cheap! I think can't get in KL

    1. @Charmaine Of course cant get in KL.. But soon the price there will raise.. Because of the quick development..

  4. Cheap cheap cheap!

    1. @choiyen We cant get it at KL/PJ area.. wakaka