Monday 20 February 2012

Kakigōri @ One Utama Shopping Center, PJ

Kakigōri @ One Utama Shopping Center, PJ

After the make-over of Old Wing of 1 Utama, its look spacious and can fit more shop lot. Many new shop are mushrooming after the renovation. Last week, I was here again to grab a bite of dessert. One of the new and latest shop is this Kakigori. In Japanese, Kakigōri (かき氷) meaning of shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and condensed milk. The reason why the owner named of its because the shaved ice dessert origin from Japan and they have very original recipe for the shaved ice dessert. Check it out!

Look on this the lovely and cute snowman. It is the Shaved Ice Machine which they used it to shave the freezing ice cube. On their side, they are very strict to ensure their staff handle the ice in hygienic way from the process of shaved ice machine to ready for serving. So, you may rest assured to enjoy your ice here.

Here are 11 different choices of shaved ice to choose from Milk, Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, Peanut, Calamansi, Chocolate, Mango, Peach, Black Sesame and Green Tea with their fixed 4 toppings for each flavor (except for green tea and peach flavor). Added different way to enjoy the ice, they offering a waffer at an extra paid 50cents for you to enjoy the maximum with this freezing cold ice. 
Green Tea   RM6.90
Milk  RM6.90
Peanut  RM6.90
Chocolate   RM6.90
Black Sesame  RM6.90
Lemon  RM6.90 + 50cents
Calamansi  RM6.90 + 50cents
Mango  RM6.90 + 50cents
Orange  RM6.90
Peach  RM6.90
Strawberry  RM6.90
For take-away customer, you may actually take the whole cup of shaved ice on-the-go and eat while shopping with the help of this plastic cone. Very convenient tools!

As I had tasted all the ice on their menu, I can said that all the ice have very strong aromatic of its and tastefully. At the end, I found that the Calamansi and Green tea catch most of my attention and I truly recommend to you have a taste of this two, I guess you will love it as I do. 
Beside that, they do offer a reward merit card to all customer with purchasing of 10 cups and can get 1 cup for FREE! Then now, bring your friends and try of this the origin of Japanese ice shaved dessert. 

Address : Kakigōri
LGK103A, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
GPS : N03 08.910'  E101 36.954'
(near to Kenny Roger and Bisou cafe)

Bussiness Hour : 10am - 10pm
Tel : 012 - 2977229

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  1. And I was wondering why they call it kakigori till I read what it means. LOL.

    1. @kelvin Ya..I'm curious also to figure out what the means of..

  2. hmmm very refreshing n yummy...
    wil try it when i shop @ 1 u

    1. @simpleperson Glad you like this.. Try the green tea or calamansi flavour.. extra refreshing.. hehe!

  3. can i have those ice creams? XD prefer ice creams to the shaved ice though :) .. nom

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    1. @isaac shaved ice, almost the same as ice cream.. hehe..

  4. They looked like My Honeymoon Dessert. I've seen this place but have yet to drop by. One Utama, my second home :D

    1. @merryn Actually is not the same with other dessert shop like myhoneymoon, they only have shaved ice with topping.. And you must try this..

  5. love this place lah... their icy sensations are simply so flavorful compared to others that I have tried! :0)

    1. @fooddream Ya.. I know all ladies do love dessert! I had been long time didnt take dessert!

  6. Very dense flavor shaved ice, love it!

    1. @choiyen Perfect match with crispy waffer plate!