Wednesday 21 September 2011

Comebuy @ ViVa Home, Cheras, KL

Comebuy @ ViVa Home, Cheras, 

With the introduction of the coffee brewing culture from overseas, it had greatly increased the amount of Taiwanese coffee drinker. However, coffee is unable to meet the requirement of providing good health. Apart from that, the main choices of tealeaf by the current Taiwanese tea chained-stores are mostly “tealeaf fragments” or “tea branches”, adding bits of flavoring to produce true “flavored” teas. All the addictive ingredients do not have well known brand names and mostly contains antiseptic materials. The two establishes of Come Buy started to have creative ideas, which are attempting to modernize the traditional tea culture. To achieve this, we have combined 30 years of tea manufacturing experience with a team of professional testers and invested great funds to import the three top class teas of the world. Use only ingredients that has no added preservative and from the professional brands. We also gather ideas from the spirits of Japanese tea producers and their designing concepts. Our future goal is to become a large chained store that reach SGS hygiene standard to provide our consumers with the healthiest and most delicious beverages.
 Brand new, ComeBuy Milk Tea specialist Grand Opening at ViVa Home
 Hygiene kitchen.
3Q Passion Blast  RM5.90
Coconut Helly Milk Tea  RM4.90

My personal view of its are this beverage are not so sweet (100%), But its may adjust according to personal need for the beverage sweetness, and i like to have a little chewing of jelly on the cup. YUM

Address : ComeBuy
Lot No G-39 & G-48, 
Ground Floor, Viva Home 
(Opposite Giant Hypermarket)
GPS : N03 07.358' E101 43.138'

Business Hours : Daily from 10am - 10pm

Tel : 010 - 5868000

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  1. Wah, another bubble tea shop :O

  2. if not mistaken,there is one stall selling yau char gwai there. Very nice too.

  3. seriously its a trend now... lol

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  4. @hilda Ya.. there is more and more coming..

    @smallkucing What the stall's name?

    @clevermunkey Trend of bubble tea..

    @tonin Make it an one day trip to there.. hehe..plenty places to visit..

  5. Ooo.. so many bubble tea shops popping up everywhere.. I'm not complaining though.. More choices for us xP

  6. @isabel Ya.. More and more.. Love it?

  7. Try mango green tea next time, its nice:)

  8. @kelvin All right.. Mark it down.. Haha..