Sunday 18 September 2011

Qbean @ 1 Utama Shopping Center, Petaling Jaya

Qbean @ 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing)

Qbean is the first premium soy milk store in Malaysia. Their soy milk is freshly made in-store everyday to guarantee the unbeatable freshness and taste that is unique to Qbean. According to their promise to public, they use the only best soy beans from Canada that are not genetically modified thus ensuring a healthier and safer product. No preservatives, No colourings, No flavoring and No thickener added.
Soy Milk, is extremely rich in health benefits and is a 100% natural food source. Soy milk has no cholesterol, high in dietary fibre, high in calcium and is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.
One healthy dessert or beverage which can be found at 1 Utama Shopping Mall. It is definitely a best choice to be your tea-time break while shopping at here. You may have a break or rest, chat some words with friends while enjoying the healthy soy make ice cream or drinks to cure your thirsty.
 Everyday fresh made Soy Milk from kitchen 
Variety of Soy Ice Cream in Cup
There are three type of pricing  :
1) Cup with Topping  RM4.50
2) Cup without Topping RM3.00
3) Cone  RM2.50
Oreo Soy Ice Cream   RM4.50
Chocolate Soy Ice Cream  RM4.50
Peanut Soy Ice Cream  RM4.50
Strawberry Soy Ice Cream   RM4.50 
Rainbow Soy Ice Cream  RM4.50
Beside soy ice cream, you might try their signature drink soy ice blended. Its taste really different when soy milk mix with other flavor or fresh juice with it. At here, they provide add-on Pearl and Cincau for those dont like to have plain plain drink only. Slurpp!!
Chocolate Soy Ice Blended with Pearl   RM5.90
Green Tea Soy Ice Blended with Pearl  RM5.90
Bandung Soy Ice Blended with Pearl   RM5.90
Honey Dew Soy Ice Blended with Pearl  RM6.90
Mango Soy Ice Blended with Pearl  RM8.90
Strawberry Soy Ice Blended with Pearl  RM9.90
Other than that, Tau Fu Far and Soy Porridge are another must try dessert in list. Soft Tau Fu Far (Beancurd)
Tau Fu Far  RM3.50
Soy Porridge  RM4.80
Porridge mix with some little soy milk, while eat this porridge, you can gain some nutrient from bean too.

Address : Qbean (1 Utama, New Wing)
Lot LG319a, Lower Ground Floor,
 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama City Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya
(beside Subway)

Other branch : IOI Mall Puchong, Queensbay Mall Penang

Business Hour : 9am - 10.30pm

FB : Qbean
Official Website : Qbean

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  1. gahhh!! kept on thought its on 27th instead of 17th!! boohoo!

  2. but big relieve!! cz i actually cant take any kind of milk. :( huhuhu

  3. @caroline 27 not saturday lar.. Why cannot take milk? soy milk also cannt?

  4. Wohoo, the portion for Soy Ice Cream in Cup looks not really small, feel like to try it in one day. =)

  5. uiks...not that pricey wor :)

  6. Wow, more and more desserts shops available now! (: Not really a fan of soya bean but will definitely try this out.

  7. @lolly U try it, and let me know how was the taste ya..

    @smallkucing Yalor.. worth for price to have a try..

    @hilda Ya.. this is soy ice cream.. really different with other ice cream d.. Have a try!

  8. @ken Nice makan!! ^^

  9. it was healthy soy ice cream till you add the toppings.. hehehe ;) still looks yum!!

  10. woo hoo! Soy ice cream is a must try.. somemore in 1U my second home! Will head down there today :)

  11. See if u can answer this.. where is it situated? At the New Old Wing or the Old New Wing? muahahahahhaah....

  12. @fooddream Yum and healthy way.. Eat soy ice cream..

    @merryn Wah.. so immediate? haha.. Sure can answer your quest lar.. NEW wing, beside subway! easy located..

  13. Soya bean ice cream sounds healthy to me. That's a lot of flavor to choose from.

  14. @quay Ya.. U try this before? Its all made from soya bean.. Healthy dessert.. Nice one

  15. niceee. would love to try this soon. i love colourful sweet lookin stuffs

  16. @tony Hope u like this... I love their ice cream.. Good and not too sweet..

  17. the price is ok woh if the food r that chemical free^^

  18. @xjion89 Ya.. is worth for u to try.. Nice nice

  19. @isaac Like this place?