Friday 2 September 2011

My Laptop New Skin from HydraSkins

My Laptop New Skin from HydraSkins

Today, I just received my very own limited edition Apollo 18 Laptop skin from Hydraskins. Hot Hot-ing from courier guys. Due to many day off public holiday, all the postage are delay as in expected. Well, the cool laptop skin which i paste it on my laptop now, look better than before. Cool! DIY laptop skin will never be   hard job anymore by HydraSkins.

What does it do?
Easystick technology makes decal application so much easier with its revolutionary air channels on the adhesive surface. No more air bubbles trapped when sticking your favourite decal on your gadget!

Proof to you, I stick the skin by myself.  Is so much easy than previous!
Measure the size of my laptop and cut it into size by following the grid lines. This will make my laptop skin to be cut perfectly. User-friendly.
Suppose to be rub using clothing material. But me, use my thumb to rub off the air-bubble on the laptop skin.
Smart Choice!

Done all this in 5 Minutes time!

What is our Decal made of ?
Polymeric Overlaminate > High Resolution SolMAS graphic > COnformable Vinly with Air Channeling > Hexed Kraft Paper (total 4 layer in a piece of skin)

Other Features
Water Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Leaves no residue, Reusable, repositionable , Crystallized 
If you are interested in customizing skins for your iPhone/iPad/Laptop/BB, check it out here.

For your information, the customized skin for laptop cost RM52 only. It’s so unimaginable affordable pricing! Classic skin RM32 and Carbon Fiber skin RM43

It’s quite easy for the ordering process on, you just have to complete a few steps as below

1. Go through the payment process.
2. Contact us through email ( with the order number.
3. We will send you a template in Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) format.
4. As soon as you are done with the design, send to us back for evaluation.
5. If there is no problems, we will proceed to print and send!

Facebook : HydraSkins
Website : HydraSkins

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  1. Hydra skin! rawr sounds like monster skin lol

  2. @kianfai Haha.. The skin is better than..

  3. hello Nikel..coming by for the first time.. good idea of yours..

  4. @reanaclaire Yes.. Welcome.. hehe

  5. See you on the screening then (;

  6. @hilda next time ba.. not going screening.. keke

  7. nice laptop skin! :)

  8. @isaac Ya.. very nice.. I DIY it till sui sui.. keke

  9. i need a laptop skin!

  10. @wilee Here is great solution for you.. try this..

  11. Hey Nikel, what an awesome laptop skin u've got there! Nice work :)

  12. @blackswan Thanks.. i feel it great too.. keke.. u get one for it lar..

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