Monday 20 June 2011

Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant @ Palace of The Golden Horses ,The Mines, KL

Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant @ Palace of the Golden Horses

Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant is undeniably a favorite spot for Japanese food lovers, located in Palace of The Golden Horses. From the moment you step in, till the time you leave, you'll experience the warmth, hospitality and taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. Kin No Uma offers great tasting authentic Japanese cuisine in a traditional Japanese setting. Relish in a potpourri of delicious aromatic Japanese variation, Their experience Chef Kin No Uma offers only the finest Japanese cuisine for you. You can find great sushi, kaiseki,tempura, teppanyaki and many more in s stylish decor in combination with a traditional Japanese Cuisine.
 5-stars Hotel - Palace of the Golden Horses
 Entrance of Kin No Uma, Look simple from outside but definitely change your mind once you step in.
 This restaurant is fully furnish in a traditional Japanese setting. Once you sit down, of course you will feel like having meal at the Japan without flying ticket.
 Nice environment right?
Begin with some simple intro about this extra friendly chef. This restaurant is creatively led by Chef Khair, this restaurant is the ultimate place to unwind and enjoy sumptuous meals with friends and family. Chef Khair began his culinary career 24 years ago in Japan, at one of the Sushi Restaurant in Kyoto. During his 15 years working experience, he gained unquantifiable professional culinary experience as well as managed to secure the third party endorsements on his leadership skills to manage the kitchen teams.
 What is hiding behind this unique menu made from bamboo stick?
I shall begin ice-breaking to you if you are strange of asking me question. All of this dish are popular or maybe can be state best seller among other.
Gyu Tataki   RM28
Raw Beef with Ponzu Sauce. 
Higher grade of beef dip on Ponzu sauce (sour) taste different. Beef taste in a juicy way, and the slice of the beer is not rubbery. Healthy to eat with less oily cook (Charcoal grilled)!
Maguro Natto  RM24
Tuna with Fermented Soya Bean 
The portion of tuna is generous to all. Eating a bite of tuna with Natto will getting extremely tasty.
Sunomono Moriawase  RM34
 Assorted Seafood, Seaweed and Cucumber in Vinegar Sauce
The cut of raw fresh fish is the best part i know for this dish. Worth for the price.
Kuruma Ebi Motoyaki  RM48
 Grilled King Prawn with Mayonnaise Sauce
The prefect grilled of the giant prawn allowed the prawn to retain its firm, moist texture.
Uma Hooseki Tsukuri Moriawase  RM165
 Deluxe Assortment of Seasonal Raw Fish - 7 Types of seafood and 3 slices each
7 types of seafood above are Tuna, White Tuna, Seebass, Tako, Salmon, Hokisai and Red Snapper
Kin No Uma Roll  RM58
 Deep-fried King Prawn, Lettuce, Cucumber, Avocado, Mayonnaise, Cheese Wrapped with Seaweed, Sushi Rice and Fish Roe

Tanuki Udon Matawa Soba   RM27.50
 Buckwheat or Thick Noodles in Hot Broth with Deep-Fried Tempura Fritters

 The noodles is resilience, soup spread with crispy flour is a thumb up way to gain more appetite to eat more.
Oyster Teppanyaki (Half Doze)  RM46
 Oyster with special teppanyaki sauce. The sauce is the creation of Chef Khair, means is only can be found here. Honestly, i prefer eat baked oyster than raw oyster. But with the sauce, it keep away the fishy.
Garlic Fried Rice  RM17
 Deep fried fish skin. I do like this after had this fried fish skin not long ago at Woo Ng Kee, Kepong . Its keep refresh back on how good the taste of fries fish skin. Garlic rice is the extra for those who like to have rice for their proper meal.
Maruyama Tempura  RM42
Deep Fried Assorted Seafood and Vegetables in Batter 
This dish is take name from a small town at Kyoto. Why? According to chef, tempura is born from there.
Kin No Uma Bento (Dinner Set)  RM89
 Dinner Box with 2 types of Sashimi, Sushi, Sunomono, Agemono and Yakimono. Slices of Imported Tuna and Salmon, Unagi Sushi, Marinated baby octopus and Crabmeat with Vinegar, Prawn and Vegetables Tempura, Grilled Salmon and Scallop with Teriyaki Sauce
This is the popular order during dinner. Look from the portion giving, is Huge. This is single person bento set. After finishing this, definitively give you a feel of satisfied if you are normal eater (I said). Try this out.
Sashimi To Tempura Set (Lunch Set)   RM60
Assorted 3 Types Raw fish and Deep-Fried seafood, Vegetables with Batter served with Salad, Rice, Chawan Mushi, Miso Soup, Pickles and Fruits 
Yet, this is another popular order for lunch set menu. From the photo, will this not satisfied you? The same word from the upper. Do full your stomach if you are normal eater. Try this out.
Abekawa Mochi  RM21.50
 Soft Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Mixed Peanuts
This is not alike the one we ate at street stall. For this, its not the elasticity and not sticky. Words to said is harder compare to street stall type. And yet this is the recipe from Japan (chef).
Temaki Sushi #1
 a) Tuna Temaki - Hand Roll Sushi with Raw Tuna and Vegetables  RM16.50
b) Shake Temaki - Hand Roll Sushi with Raw Salmon and Vegetables  RM16.50
c) Unagi Temaki - Hand Roll Sushi with Raw Salmon and Vegetables  RM18
Temaki Sushi  #2
 d) Spider Roll - Hand Roll Sushi with Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab and Vegetables  RM28
e) California Temaki - Hand Roll Sushi with Vegetables and Seafood  RM16
f) Ebi Temaki - Hand Rolled Sushi with Deep-Fried Prawan Tempura and Vegetables  RM17

Their handroll sushi is a must try for Japanese food lovers, every single handroll sushi is made from the finest ingredients, which has been selected and purchased from around the world.
Macha Aisukuriimu   RM17
 Green Tea Ice Cream
 Last but not least, ice-cream come with bottom ice to keep its temperature cold in case to affect the taste of good ice-cream. The red bean has been crushed to mix and match this good ice-cream. Taste excellent.

Note : All prices above should be subject to 10% Services Charges and 6% Government Tax

Wonderful night with awesome Japanese food. Believe me, you will not regret to taste this, but you regret if you not taste it seriously.

Address : Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant
Palace of The Golden Horses (Lobby Level)
Jalan Kuda Emas, Mines Resort City, 
43300 Seri Kembangan, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
GPS : N03 02.806'  E101 42.554'

Reservation : 03-89464888

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  1. the price is intimidating hahaha

  2. @humbleservant Dont worry, not so scaring..Is worth to have such good food..

  3. It was certainly a night to remember! I would go back just for the superb garlic rice alone... :)

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  8. @merryn Haha.. Long time ago? Maybe the chef is different now.. The food now is very good.

  9. HHmm.. i have high demands fr my Jap ;p
    Still, it's good to knw that it's a jap chef..

  10. @thenomadgourmand Emm, is not japan chef but he has been oversea for more than 15 years. haha.. Try this, may suit your taste.

  11. What a feast! The prawns & oysters look really good :) Thks for dropping by Luxury Indulgence. Looking fwd to sharing!

  12. @blackswan Haha.. I like that oyster very much.. Really delicious.. Thumb up..

  13. It's a wonderful restaurant!

  14. @luporti Ya.. Is perfect Japanese fine dining restaurant. Do pay a visit here if chance.. hehe

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  16. @issac Have sometime bring your wife there lar.. hehe.. enjoy Real Japanese dinner there..

  17. Okay! I will put it in my to be visit list.

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