Sunday 26 June 2011

Nyok Lan Kajang Satay (Halal) @ Restaurant Malaysia, Kajang

Nyok Lan Kajang Satay @ Restaurant Malaysia, Kajang

The best satay in Kajang. Most people came Kajang purposely to visit this shop because of its delicious satay and variety choices of satay. Most the time is crowd in this shop. So, you might need to wait for while to taste your best satay as they claim that.
Sugar Cane    RM1.60
Satay Chicken and Beef
this trip was purposely make it just to taste this famous Kajang satay. For me, this satay is in good quality as you can see from the photo. They not over-baked into dark color (charcoal satay). And the portion per satay is average. not alike some place, price low, meat less.
Special satay sauce.
the sauce was awesome with peanut crush.
Every single bite of satay, you must dip into sauce before entering your mouth automatically.
Price list

You can see that here before satay, there is another choice of fried noodles if you really cannot fulfill your stomach with just only satay. and the price is reasonable too.

Address : Nyok Lan Kajang Satay @ Restaurant Malaysia (HALAL)
No 31, Jalan Semenyih,
43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.
(Same row Domino’s Pizza and Mexim Dim Sum)
 GPS: N02 59.557' E101 47.386'

Contact : 03-8733 1160
Bussiness Hours : Opens from about 11am until midnight

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  1. the satay really looks yummy. Must go and have a try

  2. @smallkucing Ya.. Look delicious right.. I also craving for it long time before i decide to step there..

  3. I love Satay! Just had a BBQ recently & bought some nice satay to bbq :) Wow, the sauce looks good!

    BTW, I'm following u now on Google & Network Blog! Hope u'll do the same & look fwd to more sharing...

  4. @blackswan Thanks for following me.. Ya.. I like satay too.. The best satay is related to its sauce..

  5. i noe tis place. last time family always go eat wan

  6. nice.. i thought it was haji samuri that is the nicest one.. :)

  7. @benjamin WHy last time? very long time din go eat edy ar?

    @ken Em, both also famous.. But this is nicer..

  8. haha bro, last time is very nice :)
    Now the satay was ok ok only :P

  9. @kianfai Ya meh? Now which stall more nice?

  10. i miss the satay :((

  11. @joeanney dont miss it.. go have a reunion with it.. haha